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lop-sided boobies

So, I've been exclusively breast feeding my son for a month and a half now (I know, I know, I should change my little ticker that the bottom) and some how ended up with a very lop-sided supply. i pump 1-2 times a day to build a freezer stash and have found that when I pump my right breast I can get 6+ ounces (usually ?more). However, when I pump my left breast I'm lucky to get three.?

?In addition to not getting as much when I pump, the left breast is LOOKING smaller and doesn't get that "full" feeling that the right breast gets.?

I went to bed last night for example and woke up to a super full right boob and the left was pretty empty.

?How can I level it out a little? or is it totally normal to have one that's producing MUCH more??

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