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mid-wife scolded me...

So had an appointment today and I officially got scolded for not gaining enough weight. So far to date I have only gained 7 pounds this pregnancy after losing 13 pounds in the first trimester. I am not overweight and m considered right on target for my height. I feel like I have been eating so much and yet my weight doesn't increase much.

So now I am confused and frustrated because I don't know what else to do...the ultrasound shows that baby is normal size so I don't know why she is making a huge deal outof it. Any suggestions?

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Re: mid-wife scolded me...

  • Really?  I lost 25 pounds by the middle of my 2nd tri with DS due to the horrible morning sickness, and it was never a problem.  I wouldn't worry, honestly.  Everyone gains at different rates.
  • I wouldnt feel bad , if they are really concerned they will tell you to take suppliments. Ive only gained 1 lb and so far no scolding ....yet ....and I eat normal too !!!
  • I have the same problem.  At five months I have gained a total of 2 pounds after losing a bunch in the first trimester.  My ultrasound did show that the baby was right on target and even measuring a little bigger ( causing a change in due date ).  My OB was naggy about it at first but since the baby is measuring ok she has lightened up.  My mother said that it is most likely due to the baby absorbing a lot of weight already there so it is not necessarily showing as a gain.  I wouldn't worry unless there was a problem with the baby.  HTH



  • My last appt (at 22 weeks) was the first one I had gained for... I lost a total of 11 lbs before I started gaining.  I'm finally growing though!  I was SO excited to be over my pre-pg weight.  I wrote down every thing I ate and counted calories to make sure I was getting enough every day.  I was drinking an Ensure plus almost every day.  Since then, I haven't really counted calories- my gigantic belly is proof enough that I'm not losing weight.

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  • i am 20 weeks and have only gained 3 pounds, after going back and forth. My mom told me that when she had my brother, she weighed less than when she got pregnant with him. Each person gains and losses differently and you shouldn't be worried. It could be that once you get pregnant, you are more aware of what you but into your body.
  • don't stress i have only gained 5 lbs & my NP says me and DD are just fine and?healthy...she told me about studies where the moms pretty much starved and the babies were healthy. ?as long as you are eating plenty you should be fine...i eat a lot too so everyone is different.
  • I gained 4 pounds so far.
  • I wouldn't worry about it if you are eating healthy and regularly and baby is growing well.
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  • I'm chunky to begin with but after gaining 25 lbs in my first 30 weeks of pregnancy I lost 30lbs between weeks 31-36. 

    The doctor ran blood work and diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism.  Maybe you could read up on the symptoms (the biggest indicator is eating average or more than average and losing weight) and talk to your midwife about checking your thyroid.

  • I have come to the conclusion that doctors will never be happy.  If you gain to much they are mad, not enought blah blah blah.  If baby is growing on target tell them to shove it.  The 'perfect' situation almost never happens.
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