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HELP Constipation with transition to Formula from breastmilk

I am in the process of transition from breastmilk to formula. Up until today we were using half BM and half formula. Now its all formula! The bowel movements are much less which I know is common. But he is struggling with red face, pushing and grunting almost everytime he fed. The nurses say this is completly normal because of how they are breaking it all down. But I feel awful!

 He was a premie and I am using Similac Neosure and I kinda want to switch to a fomula that helps him break it all down. A friend suggested the purple container from Similac called alimentum which has some ingredients/protiens broken down. Is this really normal and how long does it take for their systems to figure it out? I have used the rectal thermometer to release the poop and it worked great! But I'm sure that is not a good idea. Any thoughts on that as well? Thanks in advance!

Re: HELP Constipation with transition to Formula from breastmilk

  • D is FF and the doctor said to give a few sips of water a few times a day to help with constipation.

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  • I'm sorry - I don't have any advice for you, but wanted to say that we're dealing with the same thing. My daughter grunts and turns really red in the face, and sometimes "prairie dogs"(lol) until she kicks around enough on the changing table to get it all out. We've been on all formula for about a week now and I do think it's getting a little easier for her to poop. i have heard that using a rectal thermometer or some other stimulation to help them poop is not a good idea, because they have to learn how to do it on their own. hopefully it just takes time. good luck!


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  • try adding karo syrup or prune juice to the bottles
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