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Too much wt gained by 22 weeks?

I weighed myself this morning and just about cried....I've gained 7 lbs in the last 2 1/2 weeks, bringing me to a total of ~20 lbs gained by 22w4d.  Is this too much?  I've struggled with weight in the past and don't want to "let myself go" during pregnancy.  Help!

Everywhere I look for advice only tells you the "total" healthy weight that should be gained during preg, not when that weight should be expected or how much at each tri is OK.

Re: Too much wt gained by 22 weeks?

  • The weight gaining by weeks really depends on the person. I know by like 11 weeks I gained 4-5lbs. Alot of people I knew all talked about how they gained nothing during the first trimester and alot lost weight. For me so far i'm up to about 7.5-8.5lbs. The Dr. says i'm measuring fine and gaining okay. Some people go thru spurts earlier then others. and some people measure right but never really look like they gain an oz.
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    My doc recommeds at most an average of 1lb a week.  But it is uneven cause the baby does grow in spurts.  7 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks does seem like a lot though. 

    I have always had weight issues and about five years ago I figured out that if I eat even a small amount of processed carbs I gain weight super fast.  So even being pregnant, I try to eat mostly vegies, fruits and lean proteins.  I follow mostly the SouthBeach diet.  I also try to walk or do yoga a few times a week. 

    I did go to Paris for a week and totally went carb crazy!  I gained three lbs that week.  But have slowed it down to about 1 lb a week since then by going back to my regular diet. 

    Have you tried the SouthBeach diet?  I know you don't want to "diet" in the sense that you're trying to lose weight while you're pregnant.  But I think it has a lot of healthy ways to manage your food and not feel deprived.  It might help you to slow your weight down. 

    I'd also talk to your doc and a nutritionist if possible.

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  • Everyone gains differently. I have gained 20 so far but I am only 5'2.

    I think your dr. is the best resource for this, however if you are eating right and excersizing than I wouldn't be too concerned. - I support Newt Gingrich's idea of colonizing the moon if it'll help me get away from Newt Gingrich.

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  • my week-to-week book says 12-16 pounds at 22 weeks. i gained 8 pounds in only 2 weeks when i was 16 weeks pregnant... but then i didnt gain again for a while. It could just be a grow spurt.
  • If that's you in the black print dress and cardigan, I'd go easy on yourself.

    You look really good!

  • I know that baby and I had a BIG growth spurt right around 22wks. I gained like 6 pounds in a week. I was worried and asked my doctor about it and she said not to worry. By my next appointment I was right on track again! Yes
  • The average would be 0.5-0.75lbs per week depending on your starting weight (a low weight needs to gain more, etc.).. It is not going to be the same rate all along.. But lets say you already gained a lot of weight, you still need the average pf 0.5lbs per week for the rest of your pregnancy as your baby still needs to grow.
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  • I am on my third pregnancy and surprised at how quickly I am showing!  With my first 2, I gained about 50 lbs. with each.  Both times, I was back to my pre-baby weight within three months.  Just keep thinking about how you are growing a healthy baby and that is most important!
  • i've gone through the same thing with the nurse- not een the doctor- raving on about how much i put on. In truth, I dont think you should sweat it too much. Especially if you lost weight quickly in the first few months like I did. I lost my 20 year goal, and puton like 30lbs already, but I think the fast weight gain was due to rapid loss of what I had before.

    Dont worry, you gotta feed that baby. I've cut down on least compared to what I was stuffing my face with before. And do note, that the weight is broken down by fluid retention, amniotic fluid, the placenta, your uterous, and your baby. These add up. So far, too am afraid of what my weight will look like on the next visit, but I feel assured, that it's my baby controlling how I feel and eat. And people can boast on healthy food. Which is all fine and good, but healthy food carries calories too.

  • i think you look adorable. as long as you make sensible choices, i don't think you should stress too much about it. just do your best to keep that baby well and growing. you can worry about the rest later. :)

    This site gives you week by week weight gain based on your pre preg. height and weight.

  • Trust me, there is no way you can really regulate how much you gain a month. I am 33 weeks and up 30 lbs, one month I gained 9 pounds and the next I gained depends on where you are in the pregnancy and also the baby. I just had my 2 week appt. and gained nothing and I am visibly bigger than just 2 weeks ago. As long as you dr. doesn't say anything, don't even sweat it. You will lose it once your LO is born if you eat correctly and work out. I'm not too concerned at this point, I just want my DD to be healthy.
  • I think you're doing okay.  As long as your doctor isn't concerned, I don't think I'd worry too much about being overly "unhealthy".
    If this is a concern for your own ease of dropping baby weight after, I'd keep an eye on things, just moderately.  I'm not at all suggesting going on a diet.  One great tool is - you keep track of what you're eating and can specify you're pregnant or nursing and they calculate extra calories for that.  Their database is more extensive than any I've ever used.  It's $9 a month, I believe. 
    One other tip - if I'm craving something sweet or fattening, I'll wait until Friday to have it.  Sometimes I don't even want it by then.  I know, I know... easier said than done if you are fixated on a Dove icecream bar :)

  • I am 32 weeks today, and so far i have gained 15 pounds. Im 5'10. My doctor told me he would only like me to gain 10 pounds for my WHOLE pregnancy ha ha yea right!!. Talk to your doctor. if they think everything is okay im sure it is
  • I'm only at 18 weeks right now and I've already gained 14 pounds, but I gained 7 in the first trimester. I didn't really eat normally before pregnancy though, skipping meals and such. So I'm just eating healthy and normally now and packing on the pounds. But my OB nurse hasn't said anything about it so I guess I'm going ok! As long as baby is healty I can deal with the weight later.

  • I did the same thing around 20 weeks and my doctor said that it was most likely fluid.  Also, you shouldn't be super concerned with weight.  Just make good choices in healthy food and do some exercise.  Setting goals of weight when you are pregnant is only setting yourself up for failure.  Make good choices, talk with your doctor and take it easy on yourself.  With a little work and breastfeeding the weight comes off easier than you think.. 
  • image jaiburkh:
    I am on my third pregnancy and surprised at how quickly I am showing!  With my first 2, I gained about 50 lbs. with each.  Both times, I was back to my pre-baby weight within three months.  Just keep thinking about how you are growing a healthy baby and that is most important!

    This is the best advice I have heard for a long time!  


  • I have gained 10 lbs at 21 weeks but I gained 4 of those in 10 days.  My doctor recommends between 8 and 14 in the first 20 weeks so sounds like you are right on track. 
  • I was kind of worried about this too.  I've gained 21lbs at 21 weeks, but most of it was in 1st trimester.  My doctor told me I was severely underweight when I conceived, so I guess this goes back to the "everyone's different" argument.
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  • You may be getting too much salt, start watching what you are eating and the sodium content. If you are eating out, go to the places website and look at what is in what you're eating. You are about the same gestation as I am, but I have only gained 15 lbs so far, on my 5th pregnancy. I have struggled with my weight all my life, have hypertension, and am pre-diabetic, so I really make sure that I am eating correctly, and never "eat for 2" just an extra healthy snack is enough. Good Luck!!!!
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