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suddenly vomiting in 2nd trimester?!

First of all, im almost 13 weeks pregnant and I was feeling so lucky that my first trimester was nausea and vomitting free! But today I had such a hard time with acidic reflux that I vomit twice...I dont know if acidic reflux was the cause of my sickness tho... I hate being sick like that and I wonder if everything is ok... I drink milk to calm it down a bit and I try to eat something when im felling good enough.

 Is this normal to suddenly vomit at my stage of pregnancy???  Tongue Tied

Re: suddenly vomiting in 2nd trimester?!

  • I had almost the same thing happen to me today... I had some nausea in the first 8-9 weeks, but never threw up... then all of a sudden today I had this horrible stomach pain after eating (some kind of acid issue?) and felt like I was going to vomit.  I ate some tums and just sat down for a while and it started to feel better, but the nausea stuck around for about 45 minutes.
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    I think if it is just this one time you are fine. But if it continues you should consult your dr. for sure.
  • I have been getting bad heartburn in the first (and now almost 2nd) tri that makes me feel nauseated and like vomiting. I read that the acid can be coming up while pg because progesterone loosens up your muscles and cartilage and it can also affect your stomachs ability to close the "flap" all the way so acid spills up. Hope it gets better. Try zantac, it has helped me.
  • I talked to my mom, when nearing the end of 1st tri, about the fact that I hadn't thrown up and was pretty happy about it. She said to be careful because the baby could have a growth spurt or something and have an effect on my body. Never happened, but that could be what upset your stomach.
  • I've seen so many girls say their MS continued into their second trimester.. sucks! hope you feel better!
  • I do feel better, it was only that day and I think it happened because i was way too acid and my body decided to purge it. I have to be more carefull with acid foods and things like that. So girls not too much acid foods ok? Like too much orange juice, that's what makes me sick last time.
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