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My embarrassing reaction (long)

I'm a teacher and today we had a half day. Right after dismissing the kids I was walking to lunch with a couple of other teachers. As we walked around the front of the building there were still a bunch of parents waiting for their kids.

As we're walking past them I hear a newborn baby start crying and I turn around to look. There is nobody attempting to comfort him or standing near the stroller. He now starts screaming at the top of his lungs. I walk over to see who he belongs to and none of the parents are claiming him. It's now a full 2 minutes (felt like years) and he is screaming and getting so upset that I start to get upset.

I didn't want to pick him up so I was rocking the stroller and I swear I was about to pick him and the other teachers are telling me not comes running down the stairs. She was inside the building, YES inside! I walked away and started bawling. I was so embarrassed but I literally couldn't hold it back. I was so upset that she left her newborn outside alone to cry.

I've had a yucky feeling all day now. 

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Re: My embarrassing reaction (long)

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