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stupid photographer

So when we were going through our pictures she asks "Are you sure theres not two in there?" DH just looks at me and says "shes not very smart is she, please don't say anything" The woman politely apologizeed Angry  I really wanted to lean over and punch her in the face

Re: stupid photographer

  • I think that was a mean reply your husband made. I don't think the photographer was trying to be mean but your husband was. People are way too sensitive...
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  • I get asked all of the time if I am having twins. Not to take the photographer side or trivialize your feelings... but I don't think she meant to be hurtful or rude to you. I really think she was just trying to build rapport with you and maybe "make a funny". Some people just don't have that ability to connect with others and I am sure she felt really bad about it.

    I can't even begin to think how many times I have been asked if there where "two in there"... or "you really look like you are ready to have this baby".

    I am sorry she said this to you. I know it just isn't funny anymore.

    I hope your picture's turned out lovely though... Smile

  • I have had 2 people say this to me and it really upsets me.  I have been very good and only gained 15 lbs so far in my pregnancy.  I have been beyond careful with my diet needless to say and then people say things like this.  I just let it go but I wish people would think about what they say to an emotional pregnant lady before they say it.


  • Today I met a neighbour for the first time in our hall, and we were talking about how hot it was outside. I commented on the fact that I hoped it would be not as excruciating in a few weeks when I wasn't so big anymore, and he goes, "Oh, are you on a weight loss program?".

    I looked down at my very pregnant belly, and looked back at him, and he still had no clue!! I said, "Yeah, I'm hoping to lose about 20 pounds 5 weeks from now!". He still didn't get it.

    I'm definitely visibly pregnant... but this may explain why this guy lives alone...

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  • People just need to think before they talk.  That is pretty much just like saying "wow!  You look huge!"  not really what you want to hear right now!
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