3rd Trimester

Second Thoughts

So lately I've been thinking about the name we've picked for our little girl.  We decided on Madelyn Grace.  But what if she comes out and I don't think she looks like a Madelyn?!  Now I don't know if I even really like that name!  Am I just being crazy hormonal and irrational or has anyone else felt like this?  I feel like DH and I should start coming up with names again...
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Re: Second Thoughts

  • We are Team Green but have 2 names for each sex. We of course have a favorite for each, but this way we can see which name really "fits" baby.

    How about a back up just in case?

    My Mom loved the name Brian, had I been a boy that's what my name would have been. So 3 yrs later when my brother came along they went with that. 2 days after leaving the hospital my parents changed his name to Kevin. They said it just didn't fit! No worries, you'll figure it out.


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  • We are set on Maija Jean, have been since before I poas. I felt reassured after seeing both 21w & 32w u/s. If she totally doesn't look like a Maija to us then we'll change it, but I doubt that will happen. Madelyn Grace is really pretty!
  • I'm also team green. We had a girl name and a boy nap pretty set in stone early.

    Now we're reneging. DH isn't sure he likes the boy middle name and I'm not sure I like the girl first name. I keep saying that we'll end up with some random name that neither of us has thought of yet.

  • This is your baby and you can name her whatever you want! :O)

    You can change her name and not feel silly or guilty about it. She will have this name forever... so pick what you feel is the best for her.

    Just because you where set on Madelyn Grace... doesn't mean it is the law now... :O)

  • I had second thoughts in the beginning (Brooklyn Thomas) cause I thought the full first name was too trendy, although I love Brooke......Im over it know - including since I just spent a butt load of money getting her name done and custom framed - she better look like a Brooke now! :)?
  • You'll be fine. Stosh came out and I thought the same thing - that he didn't look like a Stosh. I think he does now though =)
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