3rd Trimester

Im in early labor! :)

so ladies i had my bloody show yesterday morning, followed by lots and lots of my mucus plug.

Starting at 4pm i started to have some contractions about 8-10 mins apart.. it lasted through the entire evening at my DH's graduation party on the Queen Mary Ship :) haha I have to say I am so proud of myself for having a good time while contracting lol .. 

By the time we went to bed the contractions were still 8 mins apart. I was up all night every time I had a contraction because they were getting so strong I couldnt sleep through them anymore.

so now im up and timing them on contractionmaster.com and they are getting closer together about 5-6 mins apart, harder to talk through as well. We are going to keep timing them until they get about 3-5 mins apart and hardly bearable to talk through before we head to the hospital. 

so pray that we get to go today!!! :) I wanna meet my son! 


Re: Im in early labor! :)

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