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Ugly baby

okay this is ridiculous but I know people think about this...ever wonder if you have an ugly baby? I've been very sensitive to people's comments about my baby since we've taken her out a couple times.

In the beginning people were commenting left and right about her being adorable and so her face has gotten all broken out with acne and when people see her they just say comment lol.

I know its the least i should worry about and I'll always believe my baby is the most beautiful little girl but I want other people to think so too. Lol i seriously need to get a life outside this computer, thinking too hard

Re: Ugly baby

  • Before I had my baby, I worried about having an ugly baby because sorry to say they DO exist.  Thank goodness that he got the good genes, lol.  No worries, though, because your DD is very adorable!
  • oh gosh...i realize this post may sound like im fishing for compliments about my dd. no intention of that lol, before someone starts to flame me. thanks for the compliment tho *anowitzky
  • I was so afraid this baby would be "the ugly one".  Truth be told, she is a little homely right now.  Baby acne.  Wrinkly forehead.  No eyebrows.  Hairy ears.  Funny balding patterns. 

    So, right now, she's not the cute, adorable baby you see in the commercials.  I tell her it's OK....her sisters went throught their ugly stage, too, and they turned out pretty.  

    When people say, "Oh, she's beautiful!", I want to say, "Huh???  Are we looking at the same wrinkly, pimply, hairy baby???"  

  • she looks gorgeous in that picture. And I'm not the kind of person who will bullshiit you about your baby.

    those lips! gorgeous!

  • 1.  Your baby IS really cute, so no worries

    2.  Daisy - Some people really do think all babies are cute.  Also, I think in some ways mom's are more judegemental of their LOs.  I bet your LO is adorable.  Sometimes its hard to see past the baby acne (or terrible excema in our case!) when you're mom

  • guys always make me feel better! i see such beautiful babies on this board, including everyone who ALL have little cuties...I also don't BS on babies either, if I think they're a little funny looking I just don't comment lol

    I just needed to know that other mothers feel like me sometimes

  • LOL, this post made me chuckle.?

    My husband and I (yes, we're terrible people) used to walk through the mall all the time and comment on the ugly kids running around.

    ?When I got pregnant we swore up and down that we'd have an ugly baby specifically because of all the terrible things we've said.?

    ?Your baby's adorable though. (and I'm not one to say it to make people feel good. trust me)?

  • your DD is adorable and I am not aBSer I'd not comment or say something like "awww she's so...small" lol.
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