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Anyone been to marriage counseling?

I was just curious if anyone did this. Maybe not as a "last ditch effort" type thing, but more of a "We could improve some things". I was thinking about this for FDH and I, but I wouldn't even know where to begin as far as looking. Has anyone been to one, and what was your experience? This isn't my last resort, because I'm not leaving my FDH, but I was just thinking it might be something that could help us. Anyone have any advice?


Breleigh & Mason

Re: Anyone been to marriage counseling?

  • OK so I am biased because I work in the field, but I would highly recommended counseling - it increases communication among problems and helps nip issues in the bud if there are any.  Plus it is cathartic to be able to talk about your problems in a safe setting.  Having been on both sides of the table I think it can be a very positive experience if you are open to it.  If you decide to go I would recommend someone with a cogntiive behavioral based approach (more action-oriented) and find someone who is skilled in couples therapy.  Hope this helps and GL!
  • Thank you! I have to find someone that doesn't cost a fortune, and we wont be going for a while, but at least now I have something to look for.
    Breleigh & Mason
  • We've gone twice. Once was a premarital session (with a counselor, not pastor), and once since we've been married to deal with family issues that was straining our relationship with each other. Both times we came out of it stronger and happier. We really focused on issues like comunication and tools to use throughout our lives with each other.

     Here is something I wanted to add. Often times Universities have very affordable counseling centers. They are PhD students who are in their latter years. The sessions are videotaped and a prof and maybe some other students are watching. We did this both times for ourselves and it worked really well. Like you, we were not at the end of our rope trying to save our marriage. We were really just in there to deal with issues that ha arisen and looking for solid advice from a neutral professional.

    I highly recommend looking into it.

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  • we had premarital counseling as well as marriage counseling a year into our marriage.  There were just things we needed to work on as a couple and decided jointly that going to counseling would be good for us and our relationship.  It helped our communication tremendously.
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