went back to work ? with pumping

I went back to work today and pumped 7 oz. My baby took 9 oz. How do I compensate for the amount without taking from the freezer stash?  Also, anyone have problems with caregiver giving a bottle ?  They give the bottle because they think he is hunger when really he is tired.  He won't take naps and using my breast as comfort to fall asleep.  Is this messing with my milk supply?  What should I do?

Re: went back to work ? with pumping

  • You could pump tonight once he is in bed to make up.  Are they saving the milk he doesn't drink right away, or throwing it out after 1 hour? I'd make sure they aren't wasting milk that way too.
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  • How long were you at work and how often did you pump?  My DS is in daycare from about 8 am to about 5:45, and I pump three times to get enough for the next day.  If you are still low, you could pump once before you go to bed; some other moms on this board have done that to make up for the shortfall.  Also, did you drink plenty of water today?  When I went back I would forget that, and you need a lot of it for sucessful pumping.

    As far as your other question, just ask your care provider not to offer the bottle unless it's been so long since his last one.  But be prepared for your LO to not sleep a well.  A lot of babies have a hard time napping once you go back to work.  I am sure your DCP will work with you on making sure they offer milk when you want them to and on doing what they can to get him to sleep.

  • When I was working I'd pump one side while feeding DS off of the other side during the first morning feeding. I always got the most milk at this time...sometimes as much as 8 oz!  Make sure you're drinking tons of water.
  • I had to pump 3x a day to keep up with ds.  I would feed on one side int the morning then pump the other than pump 2x at work.  Just recently I dropped to 1x at work one time at home then supplement if needed.  GL!
  • I have to pump three times in order to get enough oz for the next day.  I pump twice at work and once before bed. 

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