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Alright ladies.. here's my birth story!

On Tuesday, June 2nd I went for my last OB appt before my induction that Friday. My BP was up at the appointment and I had even more protein in my urine so my midwife sent me over to L&D for labs and monitoring. Once I got there they tested my urine and the protein was up to 3+ and my BP had also went up. They did the labs and come to find out I had pre-e. Everyone thought for sure i'd be induced that day but the doctor sent me home and said return Thursday night to start Cervadil for Fridays induction. I was pretty upset and the nurses said they thought he'd keep me for sure. I later found out that the nurses told him I really wanted to go home and made a big deal out of being induced and blah blah so that was why he sent me home.

Later that evening my SOs mom came by (shes a nurse) and checked my BP because my headache was unbearable. My BP had went up to 164/110. I waited a few hours to see if my headache would ease and it never did so I called the doctor. He said "well come back on over to L&D." In all honesty, I didn't want to go back to the hospital. I knew i'd just be put into another observation room and left for hours there with a biitchy nurse that lied to my doctor. When we got there things were different though. We were sent straight to a L&D room. I thought for sure that maybe the observation rooms were just full or that there had been a mistake so I didn't get my hopes up just yet. Our nurse came in and said that my doctor was starting cervadil that night and pitocin 1st thing Wednesday morning.

We got settled in and the cervadil was placed and we went to bed. I was up all night with mucousy discharge and extremely baddddd cramps. When they put the cervadil in I was 1cm dilated, 100% effaced, and baby was at -1 station. The next morning everything was the same. They started the pitocin and upped it every 15-30 minutes. Nothing changed.. I had a few cramps but nothing to make me say ow. lol I thought for sure I was going to end up with a c-section that day but I didn't. My doctor came in around 5 that afternoon and checked me. I had no progress still so he decided to stop the pitocin then, let me have dinner and rest that night and we'd start the Pitocin back in the morning. I was a little upset about it all but figured it was probably the best thing.

The next morning rolls around, about 8am the nurse comes in after my shower and says "ok.. lets get things going!" For some reason I was terrified. The day before the Pitocin hadn't worked so there was really nothing to be scared of. After the nurse got me all hooked up the doctor came in to check me and tell me the plan for the day. He said we would have a baby here by 5 that afternoon (Thursday, June 4th) whether it be born vaginally or c-section because he wasn't leaving me on pitocin all day because I had it the day before. He said he'd be agressively[sp] upping the Pitocin and if I had no or little progress by noon that a c-section it would be. He then checked me and nothing had changed except the baby had dropped to 0 station and her head was "bulging" he said. He decided to break my water. That was a HUGE relief but extremely gross. lol Everytime I had a contraction I would get a big gush come out. He also placed an internal monitor on the babies head because we couldn't find her heartbeat on the outside of my tummy anymore. She was moving way to much! Around 11:30 the nurse came in and gave me a shot of Nubain and upped my pitocin. It had went from 1 milliunit/minute to 16 since 8am. She checked me around 12 and said I was 3cm, 100% effaced and didn't say anything about the head. I asked her if I could have the epidural then because my contractions were doubling and I couldn't take it! They were fine spaced out but once they doubled up I was in tears! I was screaming and squeezing my SOs hand! I'm surprised I didn't break his fingers. Around 12:30 Epi man came in and got that started. It hurt, I won't lie... but nothing like I thought it would. As soon as he was done the doctor came back in and checked me. the nurses told him that about 30-45 minutes earlier I was at 3cm but he decided to still check me. In that time I had progressed to 8cm and her head was "right there" as he put it. lol Him and the nurses walked out of the room and closed the door and as soon as they did I had to push. I started screaming so they'd come back. I had to wait on another doctor to get there because mine had to go into an emergency c-section. Luckily the office was right next to the hospital. About 10 minutes later the new doc was there and I was pushing. After about 20-30 minutes of pushing, Savannah Joy was born at 1:33pm on Thursday June 4th. She weighed 9lbs 1 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. She has blonde peach fuzz hair and blueish grey eyes (like most babies). lol When she was first born she breastfed but after that she wanted nothing to do with it so we are now formula feeding. Not exactly what I wanted but it's the way things worked out!

Thank you ladies for letting me share. I feel like i'm forgetting something but Savannah just woke up and I got to get her ready for her first doctors appointment!!

Here's a pic of her after her first bath at home.



Oh and by the way... being a mommy is the best feeling in the world! Good luck to all of you ladies with your last couple of weeks of pregnancy!!



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