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Now what?

Good Morning Ladies -

I've been an avid lurker on the getting pregnant board for the past few months.  My husband and I were married this past January.  I stopped birth control mid January, yesterday I had a very, very faint line on a pregnancy test.  Teasted again this morning and that line was definitely more prominent. 

So I am here to ask you, now what?  This will be my first, obviously.  From reading previous posts it seems that I need to schedule a doc's appointment for a blood test to confirm, and then to I go back for further blood tests to ensure things are progressing.

 Out yard saling with my sister-in-law, I've bought various pregnancy books, so it looks like I need to start reading.

 Thank you in advance for your help and direction. 

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Re: Now what?

  • Call your Dr.  Some do blood test to confirm and some don't.  Unless you have a previous history of m/c you will not get betas/continuing blood tests to confirm.

    Most women seem to get their first u/s between 6-12 weeks.  Good luck.


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  • Set doc appt, read books, enjoy and try not to stress.


  • Congrats! ?You are correct. ?You need to call to schedule an appointment. ?Don't be?surprised?if they schedule you when you are 8 weeks pregnant. ?I'm not sure of the reasoning, but this is common. ?It's nice to have an appointment scheduled though ahead of time. ?

    ?When I found out I was pregnant, I found thebump by accident. ?I looked over the posts. ?I bought the What to Expect book. ?There are over the counter pre-natal vitamins. ?You may want to start taking them. ?I've been taking the Flintstones vitamins because I have been so sick and can't swallow the large pills. ?

    ?Hope this is helpful! ?Good luck!?

  • Well, definitely call your doctor to schedule your first appointment. But not all doctors do blood tests, most unless you have a history of m/c or doing fertility treatment will not do a blood test to confirm. Home pregnancy tests are pretty reliable, so most doctors take it as you being pregnant (as should you).
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