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Does DH go to your appointments with you? (clicky poll)

Re: Does DH go to your appointments with you? (clicky poll)

  • DH has gone to all but one appointment with me.  At first I didn't see the reason for it, but now that we've decided to go for a drug-free intervention-free birth I feel that it's really important for him to get to know the doctors and for them to see that we're a team.  He'll be dealing with them just as much, if not more, than I will on delivery day.

  • Im impressed to see the DH's that havnt missed any appointments. I wish that my husband was able to go to them all. He was there for the really important ones though!
  • I've gone by myself except for our big U/S. DH works crazy hours and getting off for my doc appointments is pretty much out of the question.
  • For our first, my FI never missed an appt. This time he has only gone to the big appts with me and then will start going again way towards the end.....like when we know i am making progress.
  • DH only goes with me if I am having an ultrasound.

    I can't see him missing work to watch them take my blood pressure, weight me and pee in a cup.

  • DH started going to all of the appts with me, but as I've had a few complications and needed extra appts (and a few trips to the ER) DH hasn't gone to all of them because it was burning up his vacation and sick time.  He still goes to the monthly u/s appts but not the regular appts.
  • I didn't answer the poll because I don't fit any of those categories.

    DH started out going to all the appointments with me, but once we hit the 20 week mark, the appointments started getting pretty boring.  Wait for an hour +, then go in for a 5 minute appointment where all they do is listen to the heartbeat and measure fundal height.  I told him that he didn't have to go to all of them, so since then he's only been to the ultrasound we had last week.

    He needs to start going again because he's only met 2 of the 4 doctors in my practice. 

    So, he's gone to more than just the big appointments, but he's been to way less than half.

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  • My DH has gone to all the big ones & he goes to the small ones if it is with a midwife we haven't met before.
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  • image Augbaby2009:

    DH only goes with me if I am having an ultrasound.

    I can't see him missing work to watch them take my blood pressure, weight me and pee in a cup.

    Exactly this. I didn't vote in the poll because the choices didn't apply to me.  We both also work different shifts with him having Fridays off so he only did the two ultrasounds with me.  My OB appts are very short and routine.

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    My DH went to the first appt but I don't feel it necessary for him to go to the others seeing that i am only there for about 15 minutes.  As I am having twins, I do have an u/s every month and he is there for every one of those.  I feel they are more important than the dr appts.

  • DH goes with me to every appointment I have...its good to have someone else hearing the information and seeing his face during the ultrasounds is priceless Smile
  • DH only missed one because of work, but he tried to make it and showed up right when I was done. I am sooo proud of him!!! He really has been great to me!!
  • image Augbaby2009:

    DH only goes with me if I am having an ultrasound.

    I can't see him missing work to watch them take my blood pressure, weight me and pee in a cup.


    this exactly.  although i have had 8 medical u/s so he has been a fair amount.  but even had I had less, this would still  make the most sense to me.

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  • I didn't vote...b/c DH has gone to less than half my appointments with me...of course he has gone to BIG u/s appt., and maybe 5 or so other regular appts.  Now that I'm nearing the end, he's wanting to go more often.
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  • He came to the big u/s with me but otherwise I go alone.  He will start coming with me to the weekly ones at 36w when we will have more questions and I want him to also hear information
  • he's been to all but maybe two because of work.
  • While I voted for DH doesn't go to any appointments with me, he DID go to all 3 of my ultrasounds. But they weren't done at my then-monthly (and now bi-weekly) office visits. My OB doesn't do u/s in office and they were done at the hospital where I'll deliver.

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  • DH has only been to 2 appointments with me... one at 10w4d after I'd had some spotting (mostly for moral support) and the big u/s.  His work schedule is too demanding for him to miss all the time for 10 minute visits.

  • DH has gone to every appointment with me. My next appointment he won't be able to come with, because I had to switch the day/time (dr. took vacation on the day I was scheduled), but that will be the only one he plans to miss. I really like having DH there with me. It helps him feel more involved and he can ask questions too.
  • DH is self employeed, if he missed work, its longer until he gets paid, so he only hits the important ones.

  • i can't imagine why i'd need my DH there when i'm just going to pee in a cup, get weighed and have my BP taken.... if he has any questions for the doc he gives them to me to ask when I go.

    he came to the first OB appt and comes to US appts... but there's no reason for him to come to others IMO and take time off work.

  • DH has only gone to my big ultrasounds (my doc did two, not one), but hasn't been to any other appointment.
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  • DH went to the first ultrasound at 8 weeks and that's it, I really don't see any reason for him to go to any of the appointments - but that's just me!

    I have a follow up ultrasound for previa in two weeks and he might go with me to that if he doesn't have a work commitment...

  • DH has been there for most appts, but not all of them.
  • With my first he went to the first appt and then to the u/s.  This time it was u/s only.  He is self employed so time is money and I would much rather have him out there making money than sitting in the waiting room for an hour for one of the simple appts.  I'm sure he would go if I asked but I have never asked him to join me at any of the appts.  It sounds like we aren't the norm but it works for us.  We did do a childbirth class together and he was AWESOME at the birth of my son. 

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