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best overnight diaper for boys?

We just made the switch to cloth for DS#1 last week.  In the 5 nights he has worn cloth diapers, he has leaked out every single night. :-(  It is only in the front, at the top.  We have tried swaddlebees, nana's bottoms aio, & goodmamas - all with doublers.  Honestly, he really doesn't pee that much at night and hasn't leaked out of a disposable in over a year!  This is driving us crazy!!  Tell me what works for you please!!!

Re: best overnight diaper for boys?

  • we stuff a BG 3.0 with a foofoo hemp and a GMD prefold. he never leaks.
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  • We stuff a BG with both microfibre inserts plus a FooFoo hemp.  DS goes 11-13 hours a night in this with no leaks. 

    I'm sure you know this as well, but just in case - always make sure the head of his penis is pointed down.  Also double up the bulk of the inserts in front since that's where you need the absorbancy for boys.  That will help no matter what diaper you use.

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  • Huggies Overnights. We've used BG OS 2.0 and 3.0 for almost 2 years now, but after almost 5 months of overnight leaking no matter what we tried (different diapers including hemp fitteds, additional inserts, doublers, fleece covers...) we switched to Huggies Overnights about 6 months ago and it has been such a load off my mind.  7 disposable diapers a week is much better IMO than the additional laundry of washing his sheet, blanket, sleeper, and often his stuffed bear

     P.S. DS is 26.5 months old.  We started using BGs when he turned 3 months and have been using them ever since.

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