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Help, my newborn spits up A LOT

It's usually right after she eats.  I'm assuming she's eating too much?  Is that right?  I try to get her to nurse for 15 minutes on each breast.  She always does 15 minutes on the first one and usually 5 to 10 on the second.  Most times I can get her to burp in between breasts.  Is she spitting up because she's not able to burp?  Sorry about the dumb question.  TIA!
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Re: Help, my newborn spits up A LOT

  • Sorry you?re lo is having this issue. Just from reading others posts in the past I would talk to your pediatrician to see if she has reflux. Other moms say that their lo's spit up a lot when they have reflux, they also say that the baby arches their backs. Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't offer anything else. Good luck!

  • I agree, I would continue to try your best to get her to burp between sides and most definitely make a ped. appointment! Good Luck!
  • My son, who will be 5 weeks on Monday, spits up A LOT too.  He is both bottle and breast fed and I am actually in the process of weaning him.  So as of right now, he gets 5 bottles and 2 breast feeds a day.  He spits up regardless of which he gets...and some times it's so much it looks like he spit up his whole feed.  I asked his peditrician at his one month appointment about it, and he said that it more than likely is reflux, but to change formula's to see if that helps, and to make sure after we feed him to prop him upright at a 35 degree angle for 20-30 minutes to help the milk/formula settle.  He also said he could take a prescription if we think it doesnt work.  We have tried everything he said to do, and the poor little man is still spitting up....more than before.  and he is very very gassy.  I dont know if i will wait till his 2 month appt to see if there is anything else we can do.  I might put a call into them this week. 

     sorry to post jack, but i wanted to let you know you are not a lone and while some spit up is normal, (my first son did that too) when you think it's more than normal, talk to your peditrician.  and i read that if a baby doesnt burp after a few minute of trying, than they more than likely don't need too.  So it's probably not just because she won't burp.  good luck!!!

  • my dd spits up all the time too! My 1st never did so I was suprise. I noticed she spits up more often if she is sitting up afterwards, perhaps, putting pressure on her stomach.

    I read to try to feed them more often(smaller meals) and to not try to get them to feed more after they pull away.  Most of my girls feeding are 10-15 mins total so your baby doing 15 of each breast seems like a lot to me but who knows?

    Maybe ask your pedi about it but know that it is common for some babies to spit up a lot anyway! Good luck

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