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My son has never taken a large amount of milk anyway-he had 2 4-5 oz. bottles of BM at daycare and then I'd nurse him 3 more times a day.  Now he's down to 4 feedings a day and they don't last long, so my guess is he's not taking that much. He's 11 mo. and liking table food more (though a very picky eater) so I'm thinking he's ready to wean.  I've been giving various types of sippy cups for juice and water (I mix vitamin drops in there) and he takes any kind of cup.  I've tried putting BM or even a little cow's milk in there and he immediately spits it out. I think he's associating those cups with the juice. I'm worried about him getting enough milk as he's starting to drink less. Any suggestions? I'm a teacher so I'm home with him for the summer so he's not hip on bottles now since he's got me.

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  • well, I dont know how much help I am...since I am already weaning my baby at 5 weeks.  but I admire you for going as long as you have!  wow! 

     I would probably call your peditrician and see what he says.  I dont know how soon you could introduce cow milk before a year...i can't remember.  I'm sure he is more than likely getting enough....if you are concerned could you pump and offer it to him in a sippy??  I dont know...i only made it 10 weeks with breast feeding my i have no clue! 


  • Does he use a bottle for the bm he is getting in daycare?  You can try using the soft spout Nuby sippy and gradually mix in whole milk.  Just replace one oz at a time.  It is not too early to introduce cows milk.  My DD was completely on whole milk and done with a bottle by 11 months so it is possible. GL! : )
  • Maybe I'm not reading your post correctly, but it sounds as though he would prefer to get the milk from you and not the sippy .... ie not trying to wean (?). ?Perhaps he is just more efficient on top of the whole getting older/inquisitive/distractible?age. ?If you are ready to wean I say congrats on such a long breastfeeding run- I hope to make it so far! ?otherwise just keep offering.
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