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Anyone else part of a CSA this year?

Ours starts this week, I'm excited! They do it farmers' market style and everyone has assigned pickup days. Ours are Mondays 3-6. They're cert. organic and have a petting zoo so it'll be a fun little outing each week. Can't wait!
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Re: Anyone else part of a CSA this year?

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    What is CSA?

    Community Supported Agriculture.

    You basically pay in advance to go each week and get fresh local veg (or herbs, meat/eggs/cheese, depending on what is offered. We are doing a veg share that incl herbs and fresh flowers.) Ours goes from June - Oct. It's a great way to support local farms, get healthy/organic food from local businesses you trust rather than food flown in from other states/countries at the supermarket, cheaper, and fun!

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  • I looked into here.  But it seemed to expensive for me.  It was like $50 a week for 46 weeks!  And you had to do all 46 weeks.
    What did ya get bro?


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    I looked into here.  But it seemed to expensive for me.  It was like $50 a week for 46 weeks!  And you had to do all 46 weeks.

    That's insane!

    I believe ours comes out to around $18 per week and we get vegetables, herbs and flowers for the week.  That is definitely cheaper than if I was buying all organic veg and herbs at the store. Plus I like to support local business if possible. They offer an egg, meat and cheese share as well but we couldn't afford all of it. They're certified organic and have a great rep in our area. I also like that it is market style. You also get free feed for the petting zoo area which will be fun w/ Luke.

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    We are!  Ours starts the week of June 15th.  The best part is that my DH works for a large corporation near the farm, so they actually deliver to his campus a few times a week!  He will just bring the produce home with him on Tuesdays!  Yea for no work for me and yummy fresh produce!
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  • That's awesome.  I'm really thinking about doing one soon but haven't signed up for one yet.  I think they are a great idea!
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  • This is our fourth year of doing a CSA.  Ours started up last week, and we're up to our ears in greens because veggies won't come in until a few more weeks.  We love ours- the quality of the food is so much better than the organic food in the grocery store.
  • Yup, ours started last month and we pick up an amazingly large box of fresh, organic veggies each Wed. It's awesome!
  • We've never done one but wondered how everyone else likes it.  Does it matter that you don't get to pick out stuff?  Do you use everything in it?  I take forever to pick out produce in the store to make sure no bruises, mold, etc.  Does stuff arrive in good condition?
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  • I did one two years ago.  They got flooded and the rasberries were moldy so we haven't done it since.  HOWEVER my city is starting an organic farmers market next weekend to run all summer and it's a mile from my house, so I'm doing that.
  • Yes, we've been in one for a while now.
  • We are doing one this year and so far have gotten 4 boxes.  I love it!  The produce is so fresh and comes ready to use.  I can't imagine going back to shopping for my veggies.
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