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Breastfeeding through the pump..premie style!

I had my baby exactly a month early. And Anthony is doing great! He was born exactly one month early at 4 lbs 12 oz 18 inches. He was in the special care nursery for one week and he was breathing and feeding on his own the whole time! He did so well that they released him earlier than expected and he has gained a whole pound in one week! He is now 6 lbs!

I had chosen to breastfeed, but he wasnt mature enough to latch on for long so I am attached to the pump :( This part I hate but he is getting everything he needs and we are planning to introduce the premie formula tonight. At least it gave my DH the chance to take turns with me to feed him. He is daddy of the year! Thank GOD for that!

Originally, I only planned to BF for a month or so. He is stil not latching to my breast and I think its because he use to the bottle nipple giving him milk quicker. I am fine with this but as I said, done with pumping every 3 hrs.  I was producing above and beyond what he needed and had a fridge full of pumped milk bags but now I am only a bag or so ahead and since I pumping every 3 hrs is taking a toll on me, I want to add the formula for night feedings.

Any advice on transitioning to formula?


Re: Breastfeeding through the pump..premie style!

  • As someone who weaned this week from pumping, I know exactly how you're feeling these days!

    I found it was easiest for DS to switch to formula by mixing breastmilk and formula to gradually introduce more formula. ?We started with bottles of 25% formula/75% breastmilk and slowly worked our way up over the course of about two weeks. ?(You can certainly transition quicker than that, though.) ?

    Just be sure to wean slowly from the pump! ?I found this article helpful.

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