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VENT! Almost went to jail last night... sort of. (LONG)

I just about killed my roommate last night.  DH and I have been graciously allowing his friend to live with us until he gets his PCS orders back to Ohio (both are in the Army).  I've posted previously about how rude he is and that he trashes our house and whatnot.  Well he's supposed to leave sometime this week but has not once told us when.  He's been gone pretty much the entire time he's  been home from the field (he was gone for a month).  He came home the day before yesterday and slept all day, then when DH and I came back from running some errands, he was packing up all his stuff.  Here's where it gets sticky.. We've been using his bed and dresser for now because ours is still in Iowa (long story) and I'm going back to get it next week when I go to my baby shower.  Well, we knew that he was going to want it back before he left, but he never told us when he was going to leave.  We were at home doing NOTHING all night the night that he was packing.  Well, I get home from work yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon, walk into my room to plop down on my bed because I was exhausted.  I tripped over all the clothes that he dumped out of his dresser all over the floor.  The dresser and bed were both gone.  I don't mind that he took his stuff back, it was his, but I do mind the indecency in which it was taken.  My underwear was dumped all over the room along with the rest of our clothes.  We had ultrasound pictures on top of the dresser and those were all over the floor and had been stepped on.  The blankets and sheets were ripped off the bed and thrown around the room.  Honestly, it was a disaster.  I was absolutely furious.  Could he not have told us that he needed it back the night before so that we could organize everything and get stuff worked out?  He still had some boxes in our house and DH and I were soo tempted to just put them out in the front lawn in the rain and tell him to leave the keys under the mat.  We didn't because we are decent people. 

 All of this, AND the fact that he has been disrespectful all along?  He still owes us $150 from last month and has torn apart our house.  He turns the A/C on and leaves the windows open, he leaves lights on all over the house, etc.  He even came home from the field and dumped his dirty Army stuff all over baby clothes and whatnot.  And NOW, I had our receipt for our travel system taped to the top of the box in case it doesn't fit in our car (snugride 32).  Well, in his mascarade of ruining our organization, he has lost it and probably thrown it away.  I'm now terrified that it won't fit and we're going to be screwed.  Needless to say, I'm absolutely furious and if he had come home last night, I probably would be in jail right now.


Vent over, sorry it was so long...

Re: VENT! Almost went to jail last night... sort of. (LONG)

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