2nd Trimester

Pregnancy "side effects"

Anybody else having some strange side effects?

Lately I've had trouble with my face being really oily, feeling extremely tired at the drop of a hat (and for no reason), and my scalp itching.  I know being tired isn't all that weird, but I have no idea why my scalp itches, and I thought the prenatals were supposed to improve complexion (sp?)...But my face was never like this before I got pregnant.  At least not since my early teens. =

Re: Pregnancy "side effects"

  • My face has actually been really clear. I've had weird vagina "zaps". My whole body is itchy. And I seem to hyperventalate and cry for no reason when I am in a car for too long.

    I never heard the prenatals improving the complexion. I've heard that your face either glows (which is really oil, lol) or you break out.

  • i have the itchy scalp as well it sucks lol!  my completion is still ok but im hugging the toilet still, I'm not excited that it hasn't stopped
  • I've broken out on my shoulders and back. It's awful. Welcome to pg!
  • I've had a few small breakouts on my neck/shoulders as well, but so far the most annoying is the greasy skin.

    And I dunno, maybe I was told wrong, but I've always heard that the prenatals usually help your complexion, as well as hair and nail growth.  I can't lie, i'm a little disappointed.  I feel like I'm fighting puberty all over again with my face pulling a mutiny.

  • I had an itchy scalp, only every once in a while.

    I've never heard of pre-natals keeping your skin clear. They're vitamins, not hormones. The 'glow' is usually sweat/oil, or due to the increased blood flow beneath your skin.

    They're not really 'side effects' it's not like you're taking a medicine and -- oops! -- you've suddenly got anal leakage. You're pregnant. It happens.

    + live well + love much + laugh often


  • lol I know they're not exactly 'side effects' but I'm a bit scatter brained atm, and I couldn't think of how else to put it.
  • image RandomlyEvil:
    lol I know they're not exactly 'side effects' but I'm a bit scatter brained atm, and I couldn't think of how else to put it.

    I understand. I think it just threw me off, lol.

    + live well + love much + laugh often


  • Haha yeah.  Like I said, a bit scatter brained.  My younger sister just asked me to proof read something for her and my first response was 'you've got to be kidding...not now..' lol
  • i have always had a tendency to break out. when i got off the pill my skin got worse, then better, now way worse. i look like a teenager AND i need wrinkle cream! sheesh.
  • I dont really have an itchy scalp and for the most part, my complexion seems to be alright. Only thing that itches like crazy on me is my waist. My stomach doesn't really itch, just my waist is itchy all day long.
  • I'm suffering with you. I like having a very clean face and waking up in the morning I feel so gross because my skin is so oily! My skin wasn't dry to begin with but pregnancy hormones have put the oiliness in overdrive. I keep those Clean and clear blotters in my purse now and that helps during the day.
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