Growth scan today @ 36w4d - Baby B is HUGE!

I know US's can be off +/- a pound or two... but baby B is measuring 7lb 7oz and Baby A is measuring 5lb 6oz!!

Griffin weighed 7lb 4oz at birth at 36w2d... so i'm not that shocked - my family tends to have big babies.... but the mom guilt is alraedy there now- why isn't baby A getting as much?? LOL

DH says it's because I tend to lay on his side more at night... and i'm not giving him as much room to grow - haha.

So we went to lunch and I ate a ton and told baby B to lay off and let A have some of it :)

My belly does bulge our more on B's side- now I know why! Little fattie!

The biophysical profile went well - both did their practice breathing (baby A took his sweet time doing it - we were there for ever).

I got back in a week for another growth/BPP - if I make it that long- then that's it!!!  I can't believe it!


Re: Growth scan today @ 36w4d - Baby B is HUGE!

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