How long does an IVF cycle take?

We just got the huge packet in the mail yesterday from the RE's office with all of the IVF about overwhelming!!  I'm totally ready to get started, but I'm wondering how long the whole process actually takes.  From start to finish - like starting on BCP/consultation to transfer, how long did it take you?  Also, if the cycle was not successful, how long did your doctor want you to wait before trying again?

Re: How long does an IVF cycle take?

  • I know it all seems overwhelming at first but believe me it goes by quickly and you will become comfortable once you start and get the hang of everthing.  The BCPs will take from 21 to 28 days, depending on when your period starts after you take the 21st pill, then the injections can take anywhere from 10 to 15 days (in my experience), depending on how your body responds to the meds.  The first time I started the injections the cycle had to be cancelled after 10 days (before I got to retrieval) because of hyperstimulation; the next time, which was considerd my 1st IVF, I did the injections for 15 days and I made it all the way through to the retrieval and transfer, but none of the eggs implanted.  At that point my Dr. put me on a "rest cycle" whick meant I had to get my period after the negative pregnancy tes, then wait to get it AGAIN, and THEN start the BCPs, and then when I got my period after the 21st pill I was able to start the injection for my 2nd IVF. And for this 2nd IVF I only had 10 days of injections again so it's a day by day thing.  Hope this helps, and lots of luck to you!!
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  • Obviously, everyone's cycle length could be different. However, for each of my cycles, I have been on bcp's for around one month. Then, I was on Lupron for an additional 7-10 days. Stims came next for 10 days with my ER 2 days later and then my ET 5 days after this. So, the whole process really took about 2 months.

    My RE always wanted me to take one cycle off before I started my next cycle.

    Good luck!



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  • It really depends on your protocal.  For example, if you are on a long Lupron protocal, it's about 5 weeks; if you're on an antagonist protocal it's however long you're on BCP's (usually for the clinic's convenience) to stims (usually around 10 days but that can vary) then trigger - retrieval 2 days later - transfer 3 or 5 days after that.  Microdose lupron protocal is somewhat shorter, but again can vary.  My recent cycle was antagonist but I was on BCP's for schedule sake for 5 weeks, then 10 days of stims, then a 3dt after retrieval.  My cycle resulted in a miscarriage and we are thinking of trying again in 2-3 months, but that's more us than our doctor.  I think doctors sometimes want to take a cycle off depending on how enlarged your ovaries might still be, etc.

    Sorry for the book - I hope that helps - I know it's a lot to process.  Good luck to you! 

  • For my IVF cycle last year it started in mid Dec 07 and the transfer was on Feb 1, 2008.  Depends on whether you're put on BCPs, how long you stim for etc - I guess it would differ for everyone.  It is totally overwhelming at first so definitely keep busy to distract yourself and GL!
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