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paper towel replacement?

so, i attempting to make some better choices lately and not be so wasteful both for the environment and my checking account.

what sorts of products are there that you love that we can use instead of paper towels? i want it all- i want affordable and eco-friendly! any suggestions? thanks in advance!

Re: paper towel replacement?

  • Cheap target washcloths.
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  • sherpasherpa member
    We use kitchen and bar towels, for cleaning I have other towels so they aren't mixed with the ones I use for the kitchen. ?We also have some old tee shirts that are in our cleaning stash of towels. Newspaper works great for cleaning windows. ?We don't subscribe to the paper but we do use our junk mail newspaper - the slick stuff doesn't work.
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  • We use terry dish towels for the kitchen, cloth napkins for meals, and old towels/rags (including cut up t-shirts, etc) for cleaning and gross stuff.

    ETA: Ditto the cheap washcloths. The 10 for $10 packs and such are awesome.

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  • I took some old sheets and cut them into squares to use as rags for cleaning.  I didn't even bother to hem them or anything since I don't care what happens to them :)  Very cheap!  I also made dishcloths out of old hand towels (did an overedge stitch all around to keep them from fraying, it's working so far!), and I use cloth napkins instead of paper- those I have just picked up over the years, though you can easily make them.  At this point we only use paper towels for draining the rare attack of bacon we have and for cleaning up cat messes.

    Oh, and we bought a giant pack of microfiber towels at Target for using on our Swiffer Wet Jet and other such jobs.

  • I bought two six-packs of microfiber towels from the kitchen section of the Costco Business Center over a year ago.  I paid less than $10 for both packs combined, and they're still working great.  We also use cloth napkins exclusively. 

    Paper towels are reserved for pet messes and other things I wouldn't want in my washer. We have used two, or perhaps three rolls of paper towels in the last year.  Prior to switching, we used two to three rolls a week, and about a pack of paper napkins every month.  We've used maaaaybe 10 paper napkins (total) in the past year. 

  • CelynCelyn
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    I didn't grow up using paper towels, so I'm not sure what the replacements would be.  My husband uses them for everything.  I swear he'd dry his body with them after a shower if there was a roll in the bathroom.  I use sponges, mops, washcloths, napkins, kitchen towels, shammies, and prefold diapers for the various things he uses them for.
  • Ditto the cheap target washcloths.

  • those are some great ideas! thank you!!!
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