2nd Trimester

rude bumpies...

It was a simple question, and since it was about weight gain totals during the pregnancy and after, I didn't think that it was wrong to post it in 0-6months. But apparently a few people wanted to waste space and time by commenting on a previous post. And I should be grown up about it, and not respond childishly, but honestly.

if your opinon of someone's post is so negative, there's no need to respond. And It's not just happened to me. I've seen a post that had someone call another person all sorts of horrid names that was more than unneccessary. So (wow this turned into a Public Service Announcement) please consider what you're about to say to a person before you say it. Or comment on something or whatever.

Maybe you insensitive types have forgotten, but we are human too with feelings, and being pregnant just makes those feelings twice as sensitive to words. So yea...

 I'm done

Re: rude bumpies...

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