Doing bedtime alone w/ toddler & infant SUCKS!

I can't put K to sleep until I've read her a story (or two, or three...).  I can't read her a story while E's awake b/c E is fussy and cries throughout.  I try to put E to sleep while K is still up, but then K keeps busting into the room, turning on the light, slamming the door, talking loudly, etc. and waking E back up as soon as she starts to doze off.  This went on for a good 30 minutes before I was ready to scream, or cry, or something.  I feel bad b/c I yelled at K...I know she's only two and can't be expected to entertain herself silently for half an hour while I'm in another room.

I finally put K in her crib with some books and told her I'd be back to read her a story once E was asleep, and that seems to be the best way to go, so I guess that will be my plan when DH is working late.

Aaaand E's awake again.  I really, really want to watch "The Bachelorette" and treat myself to a Diet Coke,but looks like I'm back on bedtime duty.  Arg.

Re: Doing bedtime alone w/ toddler & infant SUCKS!

  • awe you poor thing. Can you let K watch a movie or cartoon or something to entertain her? Not the best option maybe but you gotta do what you gotta do. Sounds like you've got it under control. When DH gets home have a beer!
  • I'm sorry! That sounds so frustrating. I hope the baby falls asleep again soon so you can have a break!

    I'm pg with my second and all the recent "2 kid" posts on this board have been scaring the cr@p out of me!

  • Yeah, I've tried using the TV as a babysitter (many a time since E was born!), but I think she really just feels left out if I'm in the bedroom with Ellie, and so nothing really keeps her entertained out in the living room for long.  I can understand her 2-year-old mentality, but it's so frustrating!  Having two kids is no cake walk sometimes, I guess...but I wouldn't trade it for anything. =)
  • I have to do this probably at least three times a week.  I do my best to hold Sydney while reading to Ashlyn before bed.  Sometimes Sydney will get fussy, and I try to read to Ash while standing up and bouncing Sydney.  Or, I try to bottle feed and read.  It isn't always pretty, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • do you have a bouncer or a swing?  I'd put ds in the bouncer in the room with us as we read a story all together.... ditto for baths.  I'd have him in the bouncer while I bathed dd. 

    hang in there, it gets better.  there are nights now that we all just pile into dd's bed to read stories... all four of us.  

  • It is hard, but it definitely gets better. ?You'll figure out what works for you and get into a routine. ?I did bath time and bedtime for all three boys by myself for the first time tonight, and I ended up just nursing Thomas while I read to the other two. ?It went pretty well tonight, except that it took a looong time to get everything done, so by the time they all went to sleep it was 9:00.
  • Posts like this scare me about having #2, also!  I have a lot of nights/days that I'm the only one here. 

    I hope it gets easier quickly!
  • I do dinner/bath/bed alone 5 nights a week because DH works late hours.  Ben is in his bouncy seat for Kate's bath.  Sometimes he cries, sometimes he doesn't, but he stays there and I pay attention to Kate.  Then when we are reading K's books I try to hold/nurse B, plug him up with the paci, etc.  Usually he's ok, but if he's really freaking out and K can't even hear her books, I will take him and put him in his crib and close the door.  He's going to scream anyway (I only do this after trying nursing, bouncing, etc to settle him) and I feel like K "deserves" 5 minutes of my undivided attention to read a book and sing a song before bed.

    This is a result of my lowest moment so far as a mom of 2...we were reading K's books while B screamed (well, I was shouting K's books and she was trying to hear them over B's cries) and K looked at me with tears in her eyes and say "Mama, please put Benny in his seat and read my book to me."  My heart broke, so I put him in the crib down the hall.  When I went in to get him after getting K down, my heart broke again--he'd stopped screaming and was just staring at the wall :(  I felt liked I failed both of them, but I try to remember that it is ok for B to cry for 5 mins, and he won't remember it/doesn't know what is going on, but K will/does.

    But yes, this is BY FAR the worst part of my day every single day. Hugs. 

  • ((HUGS)) DH has been working tons of overtime so I have done bedtime by myself for weeks now. I am so done by that time and it is so the fussy time for both. I put DD in the playroom with the gate closed so she can't go anywhere TV is on:), rock/feed DS in his room. There is a childproof handle on the outside of his door so DD can't get in. I have one Dora to get him to sleep and it usually works.
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  • DOOOD yes. I'm so sorry. 

    We have FINALLY gotten to the point where Sam is ok with hanging out being mellow in Bryan's room until he's passed out, then we go to her room & do stories & stuff.  Sometimes she falls asleep on his floor, which is FINE with me lol

  • I'm not there yet, but I will be soon. I'm 5 months pregnant with baby#2 and my 3 year old has really started this defiant attitude. I am scared about having to please both of them at once when I'm alone, and my DH is at work.  Sad
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