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My shower is stressing me out!!!

So my sister would normally be planning my shower but unfortunately she cannot. So long story short, mom mom wants to throw me a baby shower. I am very appreciative of that of course but so far I have been planning and doing everything myself! I ordered the invites, kept track of who can/can't come and picked the venue. A couple of my friends offered to help and I told them I might have to take them up on that in regards to decorating the place. The shower is in 2 weeks and so far I don't think anything has been done. My mom has become obsessed w/getting balloons and favors but it looks like I'm being left to do it (my mom is not internet savy and does not drive so its tough for her). My mom has offered to pay for a party planner but honestly there are only about 22-25 people going and the shower is pricey as it is! I don't want my mom wasting her money but she's worried that my friends are gonna drop the ball and the place is gonna look empty.?

?Sorry I'm totally venting here but I'm starting to get a little cranky and feeling super pregnant. So planning my own shower has become a real pain in the ass. I feel bad b/c I know my mom is doing something nice but I feel like I'm gonna explode everytime we talk about it.?

What can I do to stay sane here????

Re: My shower is stressing me out!!!

  • My advice is to step away from the planning and let your friends/mom take care of everything that's left. You're the guest of honor, not the planner, so let it be what it will be. Your friends need to talk to your mom and coordinate; it'll be fine, and more importantly, the shower is a gift to you and not an event you're supposed to plan and orchestrate. Sit back, refuse to get stressed about a potential 'lack of decor' (a petty issue, really) and enjoy the shower your friends and mom are trying to throw you! Your sanity will return quickly when you let go.
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    Exact same thing happened to me. Our shower was yesterday. I busted my butt planning for the last 3 weeks and after the shower was over I slept for 11 hours.

    Give your mom the phone numbers to your friends that are willing to help, let them organize everything.

    Really, it's just a baby shower. I went crazy and extravagant on the decorations and was disappointed afterwards because I spent so much time on it and didn't feel like it was worth it. ?I enlisted the help of my family and the inlaws for the food and drinks. ?It took a load off me but I still barely enjoyed it because I had been so stressed over it.

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  • Call your friends and tell them you will take them up on their offer. Then sit back and relax. Do not worry about all the details. They don't even matter.
  • Must be nice to say your going to do something, make a bunch of plans and then let someone else do it all.  If you mom doesn't dirve someone must take her to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctors office, clothing store, etc.  She can just give them a ring and say..."hey, could you take me so and so."  I can say one thing for your mom...she's gutsy.

    Stop doing anything.  Tell your mom your friends said they would help and she can coordinate it.  She doesn't need to drive to do that.  Then stay out of it and leave it up to the 3 of them.

  • I feel your pain, my shower is supposed to be planned by my sister who has never planned a party in her life.  She resently graduated from college, and her life primarily revolves around, well herself.  I get that, she's 21.  She wants to through the party for me next month, but doesn't know a weekend, so she hasn't ordered invitations, she also doesn't know where.  My parent's home is lacking air conditioning, but she can't afford to have it anywhere else.  I think I am going to pull my hair out by the time this shower actually happens.
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