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Weirdest dreams

This is my first pregnancy [Well that I made this far] and the one thing I have noticed is how weird and vivid my dreams have become. For instance last night I had a dream that I finally felt my baby move [Which I haven't yet but I'm not worried I'm only in week 14] but when I looked down the babies arm was sticking out of my stomach and my skin formed to the shape of its teeny tiny arm. I then proceeded to go to the restroom where my baby made its way out of my bellybutton still in the sac [Which looked like a big bubble with veins] and still attached to the umbilical cord. It looked at me and laughed and cooed as I quickly called for my fiance to come look and I got too loud and it began to whimper. Then after he came in and saw it for a second I pushed it back into my bellybutton with ease like it was the normal thing to do. [I hate calling my child it but I have no clue what the sex is gonna be quite yet] Now I'm sure no one has had that exact dream but anyone else have weird dreams you'd like to share???

Re: Weirdest dreams

  • You are lucky, with the exception of two good sex dreams, I have been having nightmares about losing the baby.  Very vivid.  Oh well, tomorrow is the big U/S so hopefully after that I will relax.
  • I too have had nightmares of losing the baby. Having been through two miscarriages it's on the top of the list of things I worry about... this weird dream is just my most recent. Good luck at the u/s!
  • That one sounds pretty strange.

    I had a dream I was feeling the baby move, and that I could feel his head beneath my hand moving around...and then there were more...instead of the baby they were rodents, and they chewed and clawed their way out one by one. it was pretty terrifying.

  • All my dreams are nightmares where my hubs leaves me because i got too fat or hes cheating or hes not ready for the baby commitment. Some are so vivid that i will wake up and elbow him before i realize it was a dream.  I have never been a jealous/paranoid person til now.  and now its only in my dreams, im normal when im awake lol.
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  • I haven't been dreaming overmuch about the baby itself, but... ALL my dreams are supervivid and clear, and have some of the wackiest content of my entire life.

     Like last week, I was dreaming "Indiana Jones the Opera"... it was like serial dreaming.  

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