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Do I really need a pack 'n play?

I was just wondering if I should register for a pack and play. Any experienced mom's have advice? We don't travel very often and my mom has one from my niece and nephew for when we come to visit... the only time I can think we need one is when we fly to my husband's mom's house but even then, can you transport and check them very easily?

Re: Do I really need a pack 'n play?

  • We got one...we plan to use the bassinett portion when baby is a newborn. Also, We figured it would be convinient to use in different places in the house...i.e. when I have to go upstairs, etc. ?Also, it's easy to transport so we'll bring it out to our club pool, on vacation, to friends houses, etc.
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  • When you get to your DH's moms house then go out and buy one to leave there. It will cost you extra to fly yours out and if don't need one at home then you should just get a cheap one to leave at MIL's house. This is what we did for our traveling. DH's fam lives in TX and when we flew we wanted to avoid extra stuff so when we got there we bought a pack n play, a tub, an umbrella stroller and a booster/highcahir and we store it there in a closet. We bought a basic bare bones pack n play at walmart for $50.
  • It depends on your needs, but we had one and learned that we didn't need it. DS hated the bassinet feature that we planned to use when he first came home. When he got bigger, we put him in it sometimes but mostly it ended up just being this big thing that took up space in our room that we hung clothes on and stored toys inside.

    We never needed it for traveling purposes. Both sets of grandparents bought one for their houses and used it for naps. But at home, DS napped in his Moses basket, swing, bouncer and crib.

    Needless to say, we won't be using one this time!

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    i like having one.  even though we dont' travel very much it's still nice to have.  and when your little one starts crawling it's nice to have some place to put him if you need to run to the bathroom or something like that. 

    our friends even used ours for their baby if they stayed the night at our house.  there are many uses for one even if you can't think of too many now circumstances come up when they come in handy.  or you could just borrow your mom's when you need it.

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  • We got one and don't really need it. We used it as a bassinet at first, but honestly a real bassinet would have been better. He had a hard time getting used to all of the space in the pnp.

    We thought we'd travel with it a lot, but we've never had to. Both of our parents have their own for us to use, and we wouldn't really feel like lugging it through an airport anyway. 

    I think the best bet with most things like this is to not buy one, and then if you need one later you can always pick it up then :)

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  • All of the moms I know have sworn by them, so I plan to get one.  We have a two story house, so I like the thought of being able to let LO nap downstairs in the bassinet if I'm downstairs as well.  It just seems easier than having to huff it up and down the stairs several times a day.  We also plan to take it with us to DH's grandparents' house when we visit or if she stays overnight there. I know she may end up hating the bassinet, but at least it's still a place where I can put her if I need to do something once she starts crawling.
  • We won't travel with ours probably, but we will use it in our room if we have overnight guests, b/c LO's room is also the guest bedroom.  We left our guest bed in the room, figuring that this way when my parents come for Christmas or whatever, LO can sleep in our room, and they can sleep in his room.  Plus, I ended up getting a second hand one at a thrift store for about thrity bucks, so it seemed worth it.
  • Thanks for the advice! I was thinking we would just get one for DH's mom's and I think that's what we'll do since we just live in a small apartment for now. I can see the convenience if you have a bigger house and want to let the baby nap somewhere else, or if you have guests.
  • I would take into consideration the layout of your house.  If you have 2+ floors it might be worth getting one of the lower end models without all the bells and whistles simply to use when baby is awake but you need to use the bathroom or grab something from another part of the house, or so you have somewhere for baby to sleep when you are downstairs so you don't have to keep running up and down.  I've also seen them set up outside at parties/bbq's.  I'm afraid I don't know anything about checking them at airports, though.


  • We got one for DD. ?We didn't use it at first, but now we use it every day...laying on its side, as a fort. ?I'd recommend waiting to see if you actually need it. ?It's definitely something we could have done without.
  • We used ours all the time with DS and have it out already for DD.  It's nice with 2 stories when the crib is upstairs. Our son napped in it a lot. I love changing diapers on it too, it's easier than getting up and down off of the floor.  And like pp said, it's nice if you need to run to the washroom or grab the phone or something. 
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  • Need is a strong word - if you travel or go over a friends house it's a nice thing to have in the car - pull it out and you can put the baby down anywhere and stay longer.  It's also great if you have an upstairs and downstairs because they have a changing table on them.
  • image Rach03k:

    We got one and don't really need it. We used it as a bassinet at first, but honestly a real bassinet would have been better. He had a hard time getting used to all of the space in the pnp.

    This is what we did, and we love it,  we can raise the top of the mattress for DDs reflux and move it anywere in the house.  With a one story condo, we change her in her room and never neededd a PNP


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  • we didn't buy one.  baby will sleep in an arm's reach cocoon in our room for the first couple of months and we live in a one story so i wouldn't need it for a different floor. 
  • I couldn't live without it. we use it for travel and for a changing table and bed on the first floor. DD uses it still 3 years later, now this baby will use it too.
  • We got the Graco Travel Lite for traveling purposes only.  We live in a one story condo and don't see the need to have one set up all the time.  It folds up really nicely and comes with a bag so I think traveling with it will be pretty easy.  It's advertised as being 20% smaller than the regular ones.
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  • We live in a small apartment and won't use it at our house. However, we spend a lot of time with friends in their homes and got a pack n play to use when we want to stay out later than what DS goes to bed. All of our friends have babies or toddlers and usually wherever we're at, the guest room is lined with pack n plays and babies sleeping.
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