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total rant. if i ever step foot into walmart again...

just shoot me; that's how hard up i would have to be to go there. i could just scream. i NEVER go to walmart (as in, 3 times in my life), but had to today to return gifts from lucy's b-day. huge mistake, first i could find only very few things to buy (and nothing in the baby section). finally i came across some martha stewart craft kits for older kids--good enough, i'll stick them away till she's older.?


go to check out. there's $9 remaining on my card. i ask to get it as cash. clerk says i have to go to customer service (downstairs). fine. go to customer service. ask for the $9 as cash. he says no, can't do that. i say it's california state law that gift card balances under $10 can be given as cash. he calls the manager. she says it's actually $5. okay--maybe i was wrong, but i'm pretty sure it's $10. whatever. i go grab a couple boxes of organic granola bars (which i swear were the only organic things in the whole store--i wasn't trying to be a food snob but we really don't eat much of what walmart sells).

get back to customer service. she's gone. original guy calls a new supervisor. i wait for 5 minutes for this person to show up. he tells me the rule is $2. he leaves. at this point, i am so f***ing pissed that i tell the customer service girl to just ring me up for a couple of more boxes of damn granola bars.

total remaining on my gift card: eighteen cents. i ask the ?girl for my balance as cash (at this point it's not about the money, but the principle). she says she can't do it, but she can call someone over. i just about died--lucy was at this point on her 2nd granola bar and was starting to whine--big time. i grabbed my crap and huffed out of there, tossing my .18 gift card on some random display.?


on the way out, the greeter asks to see my receipt. i totally understand why--i don't use plastic bags, didn't have a reusable and am now carrying 4 boxes of granola bars, 2 craft kits, a pack of glue sticks, my wallet, keys and lucy--looking like i'm just walking out of the store with my arms full of stolen goods. i tell her if she wants to get the receipt, she needs to dig it out of my pocket, lol. she does. lets me go.

i drive home, cursing the hell out of walmart. check the california gift card law as soon as i get in and find that it's $10--anything under and you can get your money as cash.


i want to call and complain but it's almost as if there's no point. i'm just disgusted with the whole thing--people should know their job and the information that comes with it. otherwise, someone else should be working. ?

if you read this, thanks. i had to get it all off my chest, and mh is not home yet. i feel better now. ?

Re: total rant. if i ever step foot into walmart again...

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