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Taking the pacifier away! Any suggestions?

DD#1 is going to be 28 months and I think it's about time to get rid of the pacifier. Any suggestions? The only time she has it is at nap time and bedtime time and she has to have one in her mouth and one in her hand.

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Re: Taking the pacifier away! Any suggestions?

  • sorry I'm no help we're trying to get ds to give his up too but can't seem to do it he will throw a fit if he doesn't have it. so I'm interested to see the responses you get
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  • take them all way and tell dd, all gone no more paci.... and when she asks for just tell her all gone! she will cry but dont give in, it works, also you try having her put them in the trash herself

  • dd busted her lip and it hurt to suck on it... so that did it for her.  but a friend had her son pack up the pacis for the paci fairy ... put it in the mailbox for the paci fairy to take them to all the new babies... the next day the paci fairy left him a big boy toy in the mailbox.  I think they talked about it a few times and built up to the moment making it a big boy thing to do. 
  • We snipped the tip very short so that she had to work really hard to suck it, but she at least recognized it was "broken."  After 3 nights, she threw it away in the garbage herself and never looked back.  They did the same thing at daycare a few days after we broke her of it at home.  It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.  Good luck!
  • We just went through this a couple of weeks ago!There are a number of "tricks" that parents use. ?Many people suggest involving dc in getting rid of the binky, like having dc help put them in the trashcan or put them in an envelope to "mail to a baby", etc. ?Oher people have invoked the "binky fairy" to take the binkies away & give them to a baby. ?Some people cut the tip off so that it is less appealing (it's "broken", if they ask) & dc rejects it on his/her own. ?The Build A Bear idea is genius (they have a bear that dc can put his/her binky in). ?Each child is different, & whatever you feel will make it easier for yours is the way to go. ?For mine, I felt that simple honesty would be best. ?Like your dd, they were only using binky in their cribs at naptime & bedtime. ?I took them to the dentist for their first check-up?& he said in front of them that the pacifier was affecting their teeth?(don't panic, the teeth WILL re-align naturally as long as you ditch binky by age 3-4!!). ?So I took this & ran w/it. ?When we got home, I told them?(while they were in their highchairs eating, so that they weren't distracted)?that they couldn't have their binky anymore b/c it was hurting their teeth. ?I explained that little babies don't have teeth yet, so it's OK for them to have a binky, but big kids who have a lot of teeth have to say bye-bye to their binky. ?I also told them that I understand that they will miss binky at first & that it will be hard for them to not have binky, so they will have a special bedtime buddy to help them feel better. ?I put a Gloworm soother (Target...I think that it's from Playskool) in their cribs. ?I think that the Gloworm was REALLY helpful. ?They both love it & call it their "new buddy"!They didn't sleep during naptime the first day (haven't been lately anyway) & just played w/the Gloworms. ?At bedtime the first night, they cried for about 1/2 hour before finally falling asleep. ?Ds threw his Gloworm on the floor in angry protest & refused it when I offered it back! ?Dd woke up around 1:30 a.m. & cried for her binky. ?Dh & I took turns going in & wiping her nose & telling her that we're sorry that she is sad, but that she will be OK w/out binky b/c she is a big strong girl. ?She finally fell back asleep around 2:30 a.m. ?They napped fine the next day, no problem. ?At bedtime on the 2nd night, dd again had a little trouble & cried for her binky, even giving me the Gloworm & telling me to take it back & give her binky! ?I again explained that I cannot give her binky, binky is gone & again repeated that?she will be OK w/out binky b/c she is a big strong girl. ?She cried for a few minutes, then settled down. ?After that, they've done fine. ?Seriously THAT'S IT!! ?Really, it has been SO MUCH easier than I anticipated. ?Also, I thought that ds would be the tough one b/c he seemed more attached, but he's taken it in stride & dd was the more upset one. ?I think that dd had developed an emotional attachment to it (she "personified" it, making it "talk" & she talked to it, etc.), which is why the "buddy" helped! ?Good luck!
  • I have a nap/bedtime paci-a-holic.  She takes 2 of them to bed just in case something happens to one of them :)  I have been thinking about taking it away for awhile (since before #2 arrived in Novemeber) but I haven't done it yet. 

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