Has anyone read twelve hours' sleep by twelve weeks old?

Re: Has anyone read twelve hours' sleep by twelve weeks old?

  • We used Suzy Giordano's method to get our boys STTN.  We are lucky that we live in Northern VA so we were able to have Suzy and her team come to our house.

    I can tell you that Suzy is a wonderful person and truly LOVES babies.  Suzy or a member of her team came to our house three nights a week (we did the training ourselves the other four nights) for four weeks.  As promised, the boys were sleeping 7:30AM to 7:30PM at twelve weeks.

    DH was skeptical of the whole concept but was impressed by Suzy herself.  He admits that at week 10 he was ready to demand a refund.  By week 12, however, he said he would have paid her double!  Stick out tongue

    I know other MoMs in my local club who read the book and had the same results so it's not dependent on Suzy herself doing the training.    My boys are now 2 and are still great sleepers and go to bed without a fight every night.  I absolutely, whole heartedly recommend her method!


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  • We read her book (or I should say I read her book) and used it to sleep train our girls. We started late..about 4 months but it still worked. They were STTN x 12 hours and no bottle after 6pm after about 4 weeks. We did some things that she said not to, like using the vibrating bouncer...but, we had to use it several times for one baby to get her to sleep. After awhile though she didn't need it anymore. We didn't have to CIO at all either. It was really, really hard and we didn't get much sleep during that time but it worked. They are great sleepers.

    I used to laugh because she says when you have to go into the nursery during the night because a baby is fussing that your aren't supposed to make eye contact. You can soothe your baby or say a simple reassuring sentence but don't make eye contact. That was so hard because once Lindsey saw you she would grin from ear to sweet. Eventually she figured out how to stay asleep or get herself to sleep.

    I highly rec the book. GL!!


  • luvmagoldn....Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay her to sleep train at your house? I read every book under the sun and as I read all of their anecdotes wonder how much they actually charge to go to someone's house...always thought that it would be cool to have a professional. ?Mine took almost 12m to sttn consistently.
  • I did.  It worked like a charm and they were STTN at 8 weeks.  But then at 12 weeks DD started teething and they are waking up hungry again.  I'm not following it strictly which is why it's not working probably.  But I'm hopeful that when we start cereal soon it will help again.  If not, I may have to get serious.
  • We did, but we didn't start until DDs were about 8 weeks old and we still follow the same concept now. I sent the book to my cousin and it worked perfectly for her too.
  • I didn't have much success with it.  I was following it exactly how she outlines it and I was able to get my son to go from 2 feedings to 1 feeding a night but weaning them off of the 1 feeding per night turned into a disaster because they started to wake up looking for food once I tried to go lower then 5 oz for my son and less then 4 oz for my daughter.  I have had more success following Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

    Like pp, I am hoping cereal helps them STTN.  We start that tomorrow :)

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