3rd Trimester

Hair changes during PG?

Have you ever heard of this?

I can only imagine that it's due to pregnancy hormones.

I've had STICK straight hair my entire life. Never even a slight wave to it. I also always, always dry my hair since it looks like ass if I don't. This morning I waited a while after my shower, and looked in the mirror and holy crap my hair was super curly. WTF? I let it be, got to work and it's still super curly.

Um. Where'd my normal hair go?

Re: Hair changes during PG?

  • Someone posted about this the other day. I am a hairstylist and had never had this happen to one of y clients, but it happened to me! My hair has gotten darker and curlier with each pregnancy. Weird.
  • I've heard of this - Also heard that it may stay that way permanently.  I'm super jealous - my hair hasn't changed at all during pregnancy. 
  • Totally agree!  My lovely weeds have gotten much thicker and fuller but the straightness is still the same.  I'm diggin' it but I doubt it'll stick around after the Peanut gets here.  *sighs*
  • The only thing that has changed for me is that my super straight, lifeless mop and become even more flat. I can't even get it to curl with a curling iron anymore.
  • i have very long very curly hair and last PG it got much curlier.

    I straighten everyday. but with this PG my hair is just wavy... hardly a curl! crazy!!!!

  • Yes!  My dad's girlfriend is a hairstylist and said this absolutely happens.  It can also happen with age.  I went from thick, straight hair to baby fine wavy/curly but very dense hair in my early 20's.
  • I wish my hair would have gone straight! Nope... still wavy and frizzy. I like the waves but wish the frizz would go!

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  • My hair is fabulous.  I've always had really tight curly hair and now its just wavy and working really well for me.  I really, really hope it sticks around lol
  • i get "shirley temple" like curls on the under side layer (the one that lays against my neck) and you can really see them when i have my hair up! They went away a few months after my DD was born and now they are back!
  • This happened to me as well only the opposite!  I have had curly curly hair my whole life.  I'm talking ringlets all over my head and now, stick straight!  My DH can't wait for the curly hair to come back lol.
  • my hair has changed ... it's less curly now, so i literally can't do anything with it. before i just scrunched gel into it and it dried nice and curly. now if i do that, it dries half curly, half frizzy and looks ugly. and i hate using heat products, so i've pretty much been wearing my hair up this whole pregnancy. hopefully the curls come back!!
  • i have very curly hair and it's totally gotten flatter on top this pg. i hate it! my hairstylist said it may take awhile but it should perk back up.  i've heard your hair can go thru all kinds of changes while pg--some peoples looks better than ever, some other people (me) look like doo doo!
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    Totally agree!  My lovely weeds have gotten much thicker and fuller but the straightness is still the same.  I'm diggin' it but I doubt it'll stick around after the Peanut gets here.  *sighs*

    Same happened to me with DD... just beware, about 6 months later when your hormones clam down, all that thickness falls out.... I seriously thought something was wrong, I'm talking clogging the drain with each shower.

  • I had stick straight hair growing up.  Then i hit puberty and it went wavy and onto curly.  It's back to straight again!  WTF? 

    Its not quite as straight as it was when I was little, but its definitly straighter.  I just want it to make up its mind so I can learn how to deal with it again!

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