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Do you have to have a swing?

I didn't get the one I registered for and DH doesn't think we need to buy one.  We do have a bouncer seat and he thinks that is fine.  Ideas?

Re: Do you have to have a swing?

  • I got one as a birthday gift. I think I might buy a bouncer as well though.
  • You can always get one later on craigslist, etc....but my kids are both big swingers rather than bouncers.
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  • We have the opposite - swing but no bouncy seat yet.  I've been told that some babies love them and some hate them  - so you may not need one....
  • I would consider getting a swing after baby comes - if it seems that movement soothes him/her and potentially puts the child to sleep giving you much needed space to clean, read a book, etc. I'd look on kijiji or ebay rather than buying brand new tho... lots of people get swings and never use them.

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  • Yep, my LO had a swing and loved it... we couldnt get him out of it sometimes! I like the bouncer too but the swing is very soothing to them.
  • I think it depends on your baby.  We started off with just the bouncer and no swing, because everyone told us they got more use out of the bouncer & we didn't want extra stuff in our small apt.  Well, sure enough when DD was 3 weeks old the bouncer did nothing for her.  My sisters ran out and bought us a swing and it was a godsend.  She loved that swing and never took to the bouncer.  You can wait on buying the swing though and see if your baby is fine with just the bouncer. 
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  • We received both a swing and a bouncy seat as gifts. I figure it's nice to have the option either way, depending on what baby likes. If this baby doesn't like one or the other, we'll hold on to them for baby #2 or sell them.
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  • We have a bouncer and we borrowed a swing from friends. I wouldn't buy a swing at full price (they are ridiculously expensive and bulky) but I would consider borrowing one until you know if your kid likes it or finding one on craig's list.
  • Every baby is different...DS wasn't a fan of the bouncer, but i swore by our swing. I have friends whose kids are opposite though, so you just really never know. I say if you have the room and $, get both!
  • Most of my friends who have babies didn't use a swing, but definitely used the bouncer seat.  The only reason we got one is that we found a steal on it and had a giftcard to the store we found it at.  I'd say it's something you could skip buying.
  • Every baby is different.  Both of mine HATED the bouncey and LOVED the swing.  If it weren't for the swing in our house, I might have been committed with my DS (kidding, but only kind of).  I have NOTHING for this new baby and the only two Must haves on our list are the infant car seat and a swing.

  • we got both, since you don't know what your baby will like.?
  • We had an older forward only swing and DD hated it.  We were at a friends house and used the FP papasan swing and DD went right to sleep.  We went out and bought one that day...DD was a month old then and we definitely got our moneys worth out of it.

    You can try going without and see if you "need" it.

  • I wanted to add that both of my babies were swing snobs.  My mom had a travel swing at her house and neither liked it.  I also tried different full-size swings at our friend's house (FP aquarium and a Graco one) and neither really liked those either.  We had the FP cradle/papasan one. 
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    No, you don't HAVE to have a swing.  If you have a bouncer then I think you'll be fine.  Baby won't know the difference if you don't have one!

    I don't have a swing or a bouncy but I got the infant to toddler rocker instead.

  • Some babies love them, some dont.  I have had luck with both the swing and bouncer in the past so I have both.  My friend had her baby 10 days ago and she said the swing has been a god send.  Baby loves it in there.

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  • For us the first two times around, the swing was a lifesaver. The bouncy seats they gorw out of quick and dont do a whole lot. I would highly receommend getting a swing
  • We have both a swing and a bouncy seat. My DD perferred the bouncy seat, but would like to be in her swing once in awhile. I think it depends on the LO....some are bouncers and some are swingers.
  • Some babies love them and others not so much. DD practically lived in hers. I would see if you can borrow someone's for ?the first few weeks to see if your LO responds to it. If they do, you can go buy your own. If not, well you didn't waste the money.?
  • DS loved his bouncy seat for about the first 6 weeks, and then only loved his swing. I can't even imagine a life without the swing now. : )


  • I didn't get one off my registry - and I went and bought one. I have heard they are what lets you get a baby-free second to take a shower. I didn't do the bouncer thing...maybe it's the same...but I thought the swing was a better option.
  • i was only going to buy the bouncer but my mom convinced me to get a swing - we got the fisher price little lamb (both the swing and bouncer) and i'm glad i went ahead and got both.  i suppose there's never too many places to entertain a baby...
  • Mine was purchased off my registry but I'm not getting a bouncer.  I would have gotten one off craigslist if noone bough it they sell for way less on there and most are hardly used.
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