2nd Trimester

Ovarian Cysts

I was told I have a cyst on my ovary and I was wondering if anybody else has the same problem and what the DR did about it if anything. i was told it should go away but am still worried about it.

thanks in advance for your replies

Re: Ovarian Cysts

  • I was informed of this at my 8 week ultrasound that I had 2 cysts. They must have went away, because I have had 4 ultrasounds since then and they check them and nothing! I wouldn't worry about it. My tech said it's nothing to loose sleep over, most of them go away...


    Hope that helps a little!!

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  • It depends on the size. I have one that is 7cm and they deem it to small to do anything with. However, they did blame it for cramping and moderate pain in my lower left side throughout first tri.
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  • I had one that was rather large on my right ovary. It got me 3 more ultra sounds than other though :)

    Luckily it went down just fine and now is so small you can't even really see it. ?My mom had them really bad after the age of 30 and they had to go in and take some of them out when they did her hysterectomy (another issue). Usually a somewhat routine thing.?


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  • I had a 2cm one at my 8w U/S but the tech didn't even mention it to me at the time and the Dr just shrugged it off.
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  • Ok, so i have one too, and no one told me about it until my last appt.?

    But they said that cysts can develop to actually ASSIST in the pregnancy! I was astonished. Apparently they can produce more hormones to help the uterus and placenta along if needed..... I've never heard this from anyone until now, but this was from my OB's mouth. So.... yay for cysts?? [:/]

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    I had a 5 cm cyst at my 8 week appt and my doc said the same thing about it producing more hormones and actually helping the pregnancy.  I had a lot of pain from mine for a while but it is fading now.  At my big u/s it was down to 2.5 cm.  From everything I've read and heard from my doc, they usually do nothing for them.
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