When did you twins become aware of each other?

Mine are 3.5 months but were preemies so really only 1 month.  When did they become aware there there is another baby there?  I put them next to each other but I don't think htey realize there is a baby next to them.

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Re: When did you twins become aware of each other?

  • Our babies had an "aha" moment when they were about 3-4months old. They were sitting up on our laps looking around and they caught each other's gaze...they just stared at each other and Erin began smiling.

    Our babes were born at 37weeks

  • My girls were 3 months early so they finally started interacting around 6 months actual, 3 months adjusted.  Within about a week, they went from just starting to look at each other to grabbing hands, etc.  It will melt your heart!
  • my guys smiled at each other a couple of weeks ago while I was nursing them. I just had to laugh. Since then they have not done it again but they do 'play' with each other while nursing...holding hands.
  • I feel like they've been aware of each other from the first time we put them together in the pack n play, which was soon after we all came home.  Is this possible?  They have always looked at each other, grabbed for each other, grunted to each other, etc.  Believe it or not, they were even (late) preemies!
  • My twins came at 37.5 weeks and I saw them smile and "talk" to eachother around 3 months. I was holding them in front of eachother almost everyday waiting for that magical moment. I can only tell you that it's absolutely amazing!!!! It was the most beautiful and miraculous moment and it made me cry like a baby. Crying
  • a little before 3 months
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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