What to do with an early waker?

Erin is a super sleeper and sometimes sleeps late. Lindsey wakes up early...sometimes at 4:30am....their usual wake up time is 5:45am.

She usually doesn't cry and you can hear her babbling in her crib until I go in and turn the light on at 5:45. I have been consistent/persistent with maintaining 5:45am wake up. But, I'm not sure what to do with L when she wakes up early.

Do you have a toy that your LO plays with in the crib for when they wake up early?

Re: What to do with an early waker?

  • Gaby is an early waker too.  We have the FP Crib Soother Aquarium on her crib and she's learned how to hit the button to turn it on when she wants to.  Every morning, I hear the music start and she watches her "TV" and babbles until Alaina wakes up around 6. 
  • Crib soother or the fisher price seahorse?
  • and it won't wake up the other baby?
  • image Shamrock2003:
    and it won't wake up the other baby?

    We have the volume on low and Alaina sleeps right through it.  You can also set it so that just the lights and the animals go on without the music. 

    We have the aquarium and the rain forest versions.  Here's a link to the RF one (I think the aquarium is only available at BRU in store).  I actually like the aquarium better because it stays on longer and there's more going on but they're both good.

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    I just rotate toys in their cribs.  For the most part, they are rubber toys that they can hold, but not too small.  For example, they have rubber ducks, rubber blocks, teething rings, etc.  I just leave them in there and they can play or sleep at night or during naptime.  It works great!!

    My kids wake up anywhere from about 6:30 to 8:30, mostly though around 7:30.  They will play with their toys for up to an hour with no fussing!  It's great as it allows me time to fix breakfast for them.

    You just have to find a combination that works for you.

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