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infant car seats?


My husband and i recently discovered that the infant car seat that was given to us does not fit well into either of our cars. We both have 2 door cars-his is a ford explorer sport and mine is a VW beetle (obviously not a baby friendly car!). Unfortunately, trading in either car or getting a new car is just not an option financially. Does anyone have any suggestions for infant car seats that work well in smaller cars? We can make the one we have fit if we push the passenger seat up as far is it will go and we don't have a middle seat in either car which would definitely help with the problem.


Re: infant car seats?

  • My first thought was you shouldn't really be using a used car seat anyway -- that is one baby product you really should buy new to be safe!?

    Visit carseatdata.org to see what works best with your vehicle.. then at stores like BRU, they let you try to put the car seat in your vehicle before purchasing, to see which works best. ?

  • I have a small 2 door car, i did not even consider that the car seat would not fit.  Good point
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  • We have a BabyTrend travel system and we had a lot of luck with the infant seat fitting into our small car (Volvo S40).  A friend has the same carseat and it fit easily in the back of a two door Escort ZX2. 
  • We had a similar problem.  My husband drives a pickup truck and while it has a back seat, it's not one of the full cabs, so space is tight.  It turns out that Nissan has a list that shows all of the booster, forward facing and rear facing car seats that work in his truck so we are using that as a guide.
  • Go to CarSeatData.org to find seats that work best with your car.

    (FWIW, we have the Chicco KeyFit30 and it barely fits into our VW 2006 Passat.  Good luck!)

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  • I just want to add that you do not have to use an infant car set. You can use a convertible from the start, though not all convertibles will work. Britax seats generally will not work. Radians, Graco My Ride and the First Year's True Fit are all seats that should work with an infant. A lot of people on this board seem to think that infant seats are safer, but that simply isn't true.

    Infant seats take up a lot of room because of the incline they are at. A convertible would also need to be at an angle, but they might fit better. I suggest the First Year's True Fit. This seat has a top piece that can be removed for an infant, so that the seat can be reclined. When the child is older you will need the top piece put back on, but then at that point the seat is sitting more upright anyway.

    I highly recommend checking out the Car-seat.org forum. The people on that site know what they are talking about and they should be able to help you find a seat that will safely work in your vehicle.


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  • I'm in a similar situation (i have a mustang convertible) and from the research Ive done the graco snugride will fit back there. I know a girl who also has a mustang (although hers is newer) & she fits two graco snugrides back there. I really want the chicco infant car seat since it got a better safety rating by consumers, but I have yet to try to see if it'll fit. The graco is my backup. Good luck!

  • image Becky262:

    Go to CarSeatData.org to find seats that work best with your car.

    (FWIW, we have the Chicco KeyFit30 and it barely fits into our VW 2006 Passat.  Good luck!)

    I have looked on this website, but newer models are often not listed.  Does anyone know where the compatibility data comes from?  Is it from testimonials?  TIA


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