What's everyone doing this weekend?

I love the weekends...I love looking forward to spending time with our girls, lying on the floor playing, taking them outside where they are fascinated by a blade of grass.

What are you doing this long weekend?

(I'm bored at work)

Re: What's everyone doing this weekend?

  • I am going to the Northeast GTG tomorrow, then to have graduation cake at DH's uncles house for his lil sis that graduated last night, Sunday my friend from HS is coming over to meet the boys finally and Monday we are going to my mom's for a bbq (and maybe swim if the pool warms up). I am excited for the long weekend....this is my 1st Sat. off since the middle of April.
  • We aren't actually doing anything. We didn't want to make any plans, because we didn't know if the babies would be here.  And ever now that they aren't here, I'm suppose to either be laying or have my feet up most of the time, because my feet/ankles/calves are so swollen, not because I'm no bedrest. 

    I wish we were doing more.  DH isn't home again tonight, and I am just getting sick of being stuck in the house.  I want to do something but have no idea what. 

  • We're taking the kids on their 1st trip to Charleston, SC!  Can't wait!
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  • we are having our last party before the girls are born! its nothing big, but its the last time we wont have to worry about babies while having guests over! just a bonfire and playing cornhole and hillbillie golf! nothing fancy! like i have energy for that anyhow!

    i hope everyone has a good and safe holiday!

  • Tomorrow is DH's birthday. We're going to the grad school graduation so I can see some friend who were the year behind me graduate, and in the afternoon we're taking the boys to a family with 8y/o twins who offered to babysit so I can take him out to see Star Trek and out to dinner! :)

    He doesn't have Monday off though. :( The suckiest thing about his job is he only gets 10 days of holidays and vacation days combined. (It's a professional position.)
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  • Going down to my parents' house for a few days.  DH is helping put together the swing set they bought for him.  They worked on it last weekend as well.  The instruction book says it takes 20-30 hours, my dad and DH don't see how that's possible and say it will take waaay more.  I think we are also doing the BBQ thing since my little brother will be in town from school.

  • Hopefully we'll be prepping our house to list, it's too small for 3 babies.
  • We bought a boat last fall (16 yrs young...hee) and are planning to FINALLY get it on the water this weekend.  So boating tomorrow and Monday and a cookout with the neighborhood Sunday!

    Jealous of the NE GTG'ers!

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