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We decided on paint colors - need help!

Last night DH and I decided on paint colors for Ryan's nursery. Khaki walls with a dark brown border at the top. Within that border, we are going to paint guitars and stars (guitar, star, guitar, star, etc). We want to do the guitars and stars blue. Anyone know an easy way to do the blue over a dark brown? We're planning on using stencils - I'm sure I can easily find a star one but anyone know where I can find a guitar one?? Or multiple guitars? DH went off saying "how about a jackson, then star, then a strat, then star, then a les paul, then a star, etc." Haha - different kinds of guitars, gotta love DH! :)

This is the bedding set we chose:

Lambs & Ivy Rock 'N Roll Organic 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Re: We decided on paint colors - need help!

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