Feeling movement question

I've heard what the babies' movements are supposed to feel like, but am wondering if it was ever painful (even mildly so) in the beginning of being able to feel the movement.  I'm feeling mild cramping, but it feels different and more consistent than the other cramping feelings I've had for the past couple months.  What were your experiences?

Re: Feeling movement question

  • for me, it was never a cramping feeling at all. are you sure it isnt constipation or gas? if not, i would call your doctor just to make sure everything is ok. it felt to me like bubbles bumping my insides when it happened at first. it was like half a second and it was over. a few weeks later, it happened again and then they started becoming more and more frequent over the last two months. i had a lot of gas pains then, but without farts (i know, a little much info). i have only had a few painful kicks at this point and i am 29 weeks.

    i think i felt my first movement at 16 or 17 weeks, but it took until almost 20 weeks for them to be remotely frequent. i have heard it varies. i know, i couldnt wait to start feeling kicks! it drove me crazy! now, its the only thing about being pregnant that i actually enjoy! feeling the babies is the best!

  • I had cramping, too and eventually realized it was because Baby B (Lindsey) was a mover and a shaker and constantly flipping, etc. I would always mention cramping/pain to your OB though. I did feel crampy most of the pregnancy and my OB said it's just part of pregnancy as long as there isn't any bleeding/spotting.

    I never had the "feels like gas bubbles" sensation and felt my first movement when Baby A gave me a good kick around 17 weeks.

  • For me it felt like butterfly wings tapping my insides very gentle. However, at times I feel sharp stabbing really low because baby a is really low...

    I had the cramping... I told my doctor I thought it was them moving but she said it was from stretching. Hope this helps.


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