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Finding an OB/GYN in Nashville

Since moving to Nashville, I have always gone to a family practice. My annual appointment is due in July. Since we are now TTC, would you go to an actual OB/GYN so that way you would have a relationship when you became KU? Or would you continue going to the family practice and find an OB after you are KU? Secondly, my mom had two very difficult pregnancies. I was 2 1/2 months early and in the ICU (1982 was pre-NICU days) for over a month. My brother was 6 weeks early. So with that knowledge, would you choose an OB who delivers at Vanderbilt or would you just wait and see how difficult deliveries will be for you? TIA, Jenny
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Re: Finding an OB/GYN in Nashville

  • I would go to an OB/GYN personally since they have more knowledge of baby things. I do to Dr. Presley who is with Baptist. I love him! I am not KU yet, but I wouldn't trust my body with anyone else.

    Dr. Richard Presely

    Tennessee Women's Care



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  • ReeseMReeseM member
    I would go to an OB. I use Dr. Crowe at the WOMEN clinic at Baptist. She is awesome!!!
    Do not worry about your mother's history. That has no bearing on your pregnancies or deliveries. Chances are you will have 100% normal pregnancies! Only your doctor will be able to tell you (and not even then) if he/she sees reason to be concerned. ?And also, though Vandy is awesome of course, Baptist has a high level NICU and is just as qualified for dealing with problems.
    Good luck!!?
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  • I recommend the Vanderbilt Nurse Midwives http://www.vanderbiltnursemidwives.org/

    Wish I had gone there from the beginning. 

  • I highly reccommend Dr. Bellardo at Baptist. He is excellant, has great bed side manner, great about answering questions after hours and things like that. AVOID Dr. Cathy Deppen at all cost. PM me if you want more info.



  • My ob/gyn is someone I have been going to for the last 13 years...he has taken care of my mother and delivered my sister.  Him and his wife have a joint practice.  They are both amazing and Vanderbilt graduates.  They have privelages at Baptist and Centennial but I will be delievering at Baptist.  His name is Carl Wingo, MD and Barbara Nylander, MD.  Dr Nylander no longer does OB though.
  • I highly rec my ob/gyn --  he's good at what he does!  He delivers at both Baptist and Centennial.  His office is located literally in between the two hospitals.  Message me if you want his name!

  • Hi Erica,


    How are u?? I recently came across this site and read your post about Dr.Cathy Deppen.She is my Gynecologist and i think i may be pregnant.I also have PCOS.Why did you ask to avoid her???Thanks in advance..Takecare.

  • why do you suggest avoiding dr. cathy deppen?  thank you!
  • I highly recommend all the Ob/Gyns at TN Women's Care.  I go to Dr. Smallwood and love him!  My sister went to Dr. Bellardo and loved him, and my mom goes to Dr. Dunn and loves her.  :)  Mine delivers at Baptist and Centennial, both of which have excellent NICU facilities.  They have in-house lab and ultrasound, so that's great, too.  Good luck!
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  • Dr. Diane George

    Women's hospital @ Centennial


    She has been my gyno for 2 1/2 years. I don't know if you prefer a man or woman. I prefer a woman. She is great. She helped me thru my M/C. You should give her a call. 

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