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Encouragement Needed about Breastfeeding

I didn't get to nurse with my first child, and I am hoping to with this one. My milk just never really came in. I had a c-section the first time and had very little milk after a couple days, but nothing of substance. It was also a very stressful pregnancy (horrible issues with baby's father and family....not current DH, thank goodness!!).

My breasts are on the small side....has anyone heard of that being an issue? They didn't really swell with that pregnancy or this one. Has anyone heard of methods to encourage your milk coming in? My family life is SO much better this time around, and I am having a repeat c-section.

I just want to make sure there is nothing more I could be doing to cover my bases.

Re: Encouragement Needed about Breastfeeding

  • Have you posted this on the BF board?
  • Milk supply has NOTHING to do with size of your breasts.  I am a DD and had horrible supply issues with DD#1.
  • I would contact a lactation consultant and read a few books (such as the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding) prior to your repeat c-section.  There are a lot of great tips in there.  Also, a local Le Leche League and the support of local woman would probably be helpful too.  GL!
  • the size of your breasts has no indication on your ability to BF. And thankfully just because you couldn't last time doesn't mean you'll have trouble this time too.

    Swelling during PG doens't mean anything either.

    I think once you have the baby, make sure to use the nurses & lactation consultants as much as you need them!

    Also, you might try lurking/asking on the BFing board for suggestions. Depending on how firmly you want to try, there's also meds you can take to help increase your supply if you're having issues, as well as more gentle/natural approaches

  • In my breastfeeding class they said small boobs DO NOT have any effect on your ability to BF.  We were also told that the best way to establish good BF was to feed within an hour of birth.  That doesn't do anything as far as making your milk come in, but just FYI.  I'm glad your home-life is so much better, I'm sure that has to help :)  Good luck!!
  • Breast size has nothing to do with milk-producing ability.  Talk with your provider or a lactation consultant (find your local La Leche League group) about how to encourage milk production -- however, I'm pretty sure they can only help you learn about maintaining/shrinking/increasing supply once it is in -- I don't think there's anyway to encourage it to come in if your body doesn't want to do that.  I could be wrong though...
  • image JeannaBinks:

    IMy breasts are on the small side....has anyone heard of that being an issue?

    The size of your boobs has nothing to do with how successful you will or won't be with BFing. You should take a BFing class (they cover stuff like that) and/or talk to an LC.

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  • size has nothing to do with milk supply.

    as soon as you can be with your LO after birth put them on the breast. they need to be stimulated to get the milk in asap. 

    dont stop. Make sure your LO is feeding every 2-3 hours and that should really get your milk to come in strong. its a supply and demand system. 

    also, make sure you are staying hydrated and getting enough nutrition. 

    good luck! 

  • Size has nothing to do with milk, so don't worry about that!  I would find a La Leche League meeting near you and go to it BEFORE you have your baby.  Also, I've heard that sometimes people don't mesh well with some LLL groups, so don't feel bad if you try every meeting in your city before you find women you like.  Seriously, I think it will make all the difference in the world to surround yourself with people who have faith in your ability to feed your baby.  Good luck!
  • I don't think breast size has anything to do with it, and I know plenty of people who had an easier time breastfeeding their second than they did their first. ?Especially if you were way more stressed out than the average new mom, that may have had something to do with it. ?Also, some people never get engorged at all and never really notice when their milk comes in. ?SIL had a tough time in the beginning with her first, so they saw a lactation consultant. ?They weighed my nephew before and after the feeding to see that he did actually consume 2 oz, even though it seemed like he was getting nothing. ?They used a supplemental nursing system to help him get used to the breast in the beginning, but he ended up nursing just fine, even though SIL never seemed to have a lot of milk. ?Her second one was much easier.

    If you really want to do it, I'd say get the name of a good lactation consultant just in case you need it. ?Try not to stress, since that can affect milk production. ?And if you've tried everything you can, don't beat yourself up if you need to use formula. ?Your baby will be fine either way.?

  • I highly, highly, highly recommend this book:

    The Nursing Mother's Companion

    The Nursing Mother's Companion: Revised Edition


    I think it's a wonderful and supportive book.  I think the more you know, the more likely you are to be successful.  For example, supply has NOTHING to do with the size of your breasts.  Also, there are most definitely women who have supply issues.  However, a lot of supply issues are actually other problems that can be easily fixed and do not mean you have to give up breastfeeding.

    A lot of women on these boards like a book called So That's What They're For.  I wasn't as big a fan of that book.  She focuses more on the social aspects of breastfeeding (how to pump at work, etc.) and not on the actual mechanics of it, which is what I want at this point.

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  • I'm like the biggest Boob advocate in the free world; and I'm here to tell you: If you want to BF, there's really no reason you can't.


    Get the book "So That's What They're For" and read it NOW. Not when you're trying to get the little on to latch. NOW. And read it thoroughly. 


    Breast size has NOTHING to do with it. I had a huge fatty baby, and I normally wear a 34A. 


    Other advice: Take advantage of the lactation services in your hospital and your city and go (NOW) to a La Leche meeting. You do not need to have a nursing child to go to LLL meetings, and they will be your strongest supporters. And did I say? Get "So That's What They're For" ... like NOW!

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