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Do babies always have a reason for fussing?

DD is not at all colicky.  In fact, she's probably only cried a combined total of less than 30 minutes since birth.  These past few days, however, she is SUPER fussy when I pick her up from MIL's after work. 

She will attempt to nurse, but keep pulling off to cry.  I am pretty sure she is not hungry, because she is usually finishing a bottle just as I get there.  But as soon as I pick her up, she starts mouthing and fussing like she wants to nurse.  I've tried a paci, walking her around, shushing her, jiggling her, set her down on her play mat, everything.  Nothing works.

I really can't figure out what is wrong with her.  DH says that she is just cranky, and if nothing works, to not worry about it.  Last night, we determined that maybe it's because she's too hot.

Anyways, my question is, do 2 mo. old (non-colicky) babies cry just for the heck of it, or is there always a reason and I just haven't found it yet?

Re: Do babies always have a reason for fussing?

  • Whats her day like w/ MIL?  I know w/ my parents, DS hardly naps.  They keep him so engaged and active, he doesn't want to sleep and they aren't great about getting him to sleep at the first signs of tiredness (they wait too long). 

    So he is often overtired after spending a day w/ them. 

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  • image EastCoastBride:

    Whats her day like w/ MIL? 

    MIL is very interactive with DD and plays with her a lot, but says she has been napping like normal.  Maybe she is a lying B? Stick out tongue

    It really does stink coming home to a fussy baby.  I hate that I have to drop her off during her super sweet snuggle mood in the morning and then get her for continuous supercrankypants time until she falls asleep for the night.

    *sigh*  I feel bad for me.

  • that stinks, sorry! :(    i found that the most common culprit for fussiness for my LO is fatigue.  and frequently when he's fussy, but can't seem to nurse, i swaddle him and nurse him in the side-lying position.  he usually either latches on and falls asleep immediately, or nurses for a while, then sleeps.  if he refuses to nurse like this, i just snuggle him & he falls asleep.
  • I sometimes wonder if my parents fudge his nap times when he's w/ them!  I know they just LOVE being w him and playign w/ him - but when he "just won't nap" for them, it leaves DH and I to deal w/ him afterwards. 
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  • Early evening is a normal time for babies to be fussy for seemingly no reason. Even with normal napping, they are usually overstimulated by the end of the day. Just hold your LO, rock, soothe her, etc, until it passes. Sometimes I make sure to run errands or go for a walk around that time because car and stroller rides put my LO to sleep really well.
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    Hilarious! I definitely suspect my MIL is fudging the numbers with regards to napping and especially eating...

    You have to watch out for those well-meaning MILs Hmm

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  • My DD gets fussy she's overstimulated and tired. It may be too early for you to try this at 2 months but when she's fusyy I lay my dd down. She'll fuss for about 10 minutes in her crib and then fast asleep
  • Also my DD went through a phase around that age. At 6 pm right before my husband got home she'd be a cranky pants. It passed after a few weeks. The side lying position in my arms with a paci seemed to soothe her
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