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it finally happened . . .

i dropped my kid.  was changing the wiggle worm's diaper in the middle of the night in relative dark.  took my hand off him to open his diaper, and thud.  on the floor.  somehow he did a half somersault, as his head was pointing north on the changing pad, but south on the floor.

kid screamed for 10 seconds, then smiled as we examinied him, squeezing his pudgy legs and arms to check for broken bones, and babbled when kept him awake for an 90 minutes.  Smiled when woke him afterwards, to make sure he was wakeable.  i cried for an hour. 

sigh.  **self-flagellate self-flagellate**  just wanted to share.


Re: it finally happened . . .

  • OMG, I feel like this is going to happen to me, too, especially when she is slippery & squirmy post-bath.  I am also terrified of the first head bump.

    Glad your LO is ok!  Hope you are ok, too.  Your heart must have been going a million miles a minute.

  • I also live in fear of DS falling off the changing table/bed/sofa, etc. ?This happened when I was changing my little sister's diaper (I was 14 at the time) and although she was fine, I was inconsolable for days. ?Don't beat yourself up over it - you're a good mommy!
  • awwh I'm so sorry, you must've been devistated!! I am terrified that will happen one day... Not so much now since shes pretty stationary wherever she is put but I know the day will come where she starts flinging herself all over the place and I hope that never happens...

    I accidently bumped DD's head lightly on her swing mobile and she cried and I cried and I dont even wanna know what I will go through with myself if something worse happens..

    I'm just happy your LO is a-ok :)

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