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Do you always dress LO when you go out or sometimes leave in PJs?

I want to walk to Target when he wakes up.  Do I need to dress him for that or can I just leave him in his PJs since this is a minor outing? 

Unrelated, I cannot believe he's been sleeping in his crib for almost 3 hours now.  PLEASE DO THIS AT NIGHT TONIGHT MASON!

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Re: Do you always dress LO when you go out or sometimes leave in PJs?

  • I take DD out in her sleeper if it's just a quick trip. I just make sure it's a cute sleeperSmile
  • Do you "need" to dress him?  No, of course not.  He's a baby - babies go out in sleepers all the time.  For some people, that IS dressed! 

    I personally try to have sleepers for night time and onesies w/ pants for day time.  But occasionally we get lazy and just leave him in his sleeper.

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  • if i have the energy, i'll put together some cute ensemble, and take a picture of our momentous outing to Walmart.  but otherwise, i just make sure he's weather-appropriate.  my husband brings the kid out with his stretchie & onesie barely buttoned, and i always think, how embarrassing.
  • For me it doesn't matter because he's always wrapped in a blanket.
  • B gets dressed everyday.  I don't think that you have to get them dressed them everyday though.
  • We're assbackwards. He sleeps in onsies and goes out in sleepers.

    Well, I guess sometimes we do onesies and pants to go out.

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  • I'm definitely not feeling bad if she goes out somewhere in her sleeper.  Generally I do get her dressed for the day so she's not wearing her sleeper all day long.  I did that mainly to get her used to the daytime vs. nighttime when she was really little - not because I thought she shouldn't go out in her sleepers.
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  • I put her in outfits way more than I used to only b/c we received a ton as gifts.  The 1st couple months DD lived in sleepers. - I love the sound you make when you shut up. Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
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    If my little guy is staying in his carrier, I don't bother changing his clothes-he usually has a blanket over him anyway.

  • I usually dress DD because we have TONS of clothes that I want to make sure she wears at least once before she outgrows them. 

  • I the only one who thinks that going out in a sleeper IS dressed???  At least that's what I thought til now.... Embarrassed
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    We're assbackwards. He sleeps in onsies and goes out in sleepers.

    Well, I guess sometimes we do onesies and pants to go out.

    Same here!  I just keep them in cuter sleepers or outfits during the day, and they sleep in a side snap or onesie and a sleepsack swaddler at night.  Technically though, we do dress them every day, just not always in an outfit -- it's alot to constantly remove pants when you're changing double the diapers (and it's pretty constant! :) )

  • I think babies who are four mos. or younger are most comfy in sleepers, so that's what ds and dd both wore. After 4 mos, I dressed them in other outfits when we went out, but still mostly one pieces.  I figure they only have about a year of their life to wear the really cute and pretty baby one piece oufits.  Especially since people sent such beautiful stuff for dd like one piece rompers with puffed sleeves and matching bonnets, and other one pieces with matching cardigans and caps. I wanted to make use of all that beautiful stuff.  They don't have as good a selection for boys, I've noticed. Seems like the boy stuff is either REALLY casual or REALLY dressy. Not a lot of really nice yet casual stuff.
  • I always put him in clothes during the day, and then change him into sleepers after dinner for the night time. But it is already 100 degrees plus here, so there is no way he could stay in his sleeper all day, it's just way too hot. I also think it helps him know day time vs. night time. But I don't object to taking him out in sleepers, I did it all the time when he was a NB.
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  • The first month or two DD was in sleepers nonstop; I wouldn't worry about it. Now I typically put her in a onesie & pants or a dress, but if she were already in a sleeper and I just wanted to run out for a quick errand I probably wouldn't change her.
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