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my baby hates putting his sleeves on

or when i put baby lotion on his arms.  it's very strange, it started around 2 months.  i though i was hurting him, or that he had hurt his hands or arms.  but no, he has been checked out by pedi.  he just hates having his arms restricted.   anyone else?

Re: my baby hates putting his sleeves on

  • Totally! I've never put lotion on her so I don't know about that, but sleeves were an issue for a long time. I was worried that there was something wrong with her arms too.

    But she seems to have grown out of it, and they don't bother her anymore. They other weird part is that swaddling never?bugged?her, and once the sleeves were on she was fine. ?

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    DS hates when I put his arms in through his sleeves.  He is fine when anything goes over his head, but not his arms. It didn't start until after 2 months.

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