3rd Trimester

I'm having contractions!!!

I was at work and I had three of them. I called the doctor and they told me to go home and try to rest. If I have six more in this next hour I have to go to the hospital, or if my water breaks. Anyone got some ideas on how to stop contractions??
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Re: I'm having contractions!!!

  • I would wait for the doctor to figure that out!
  • i've just always heard drink some water and lay down--good luck!
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  • Plenty of rest and lots of water. That usually does the trick but if not definately give your dr. a call
  • Do your best to relax, I know that's probably hard, but I'm sure that's the most important thing.  Hope things calm down for you.
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  • thats what the nurse said. So I'm home doing that. I hope I can stop them.
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  • Do they hurt and feel like cramping or is your belly just getting really tight and hard?  Drink a ton of water, dehydration can bring on BH or false labor contractions.  If your doctor told you to rest you should do that, lay down on your left side.  Our childbirth instructor also said that lots of water and light walking can stop BH contractions.
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    i've just always heard drink some water and lay down--good luck!

    And try to relax...listen to some soothing music or something. Don't second guess yourself either. Call your doctor if you feel you need to even if you haven't had the required number of contractions. Hugs, and best of luck.

  • I've had 3 bouts of pre-term contractions since I hit 20 weeks.  Here is what my doctor/midwives recommend. 

    Drink lots of water- like 2-4 glasses

    Lay down on your left side

    Make sure your bladder is empty as soon as it's full

    Take a warm bath to relax

    Eat something (mine get pretty bad when my blood sugar is low).

    Good luck! I hope they stop for you- having to go to the hospital for them is no fun!

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  • My MW told me to take some Benadryl, drink some water and go to sleep. Worked like a charm.
  • Yes. 

    Drink 32 oz of water in 20 minutes.   That's a lot of water in a short period of time, but dehydration can sometimes cause fake labor. 

    Empty your bladder.  

    Lay down. 

    Those are the three things they tell you to do in childbirth class to distinguish between real and fake labor.   Not sure if any of those things will stop "real" labor/contractions, but it'll stop fake labor, which will give you some peace of mind.  

  • Oh wow that's scary!!! Drink lots of water, lay on your left side...that's all I got!
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  • lol even the dogs know something is going on. I'm just laying here staying calm drinking water. DH is home and packing a bad incase we need it. Don't even have any baby stuff yet. My shower isn't until next month. I haven't had one for about twenty mins so I hope they are done. I will keep you undated if I go in.
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  • Yes
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    i've just always heard drink some water and lay down--good luck!
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