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Clothesline in the shade?

Will it still work? We have it hung now, but our backyard is 90% shade and the sunny parts are not the right areas for hanging clothes to dry.?

Re: Clothesline in the shade?

  • We're dealing with the same thing - I'm going to try it - we get a little bit of sun, but not a ton.  I'm figuring the breeze will help.  Hopefully we get enough sun that it doesn't take too long to dry!  I figure if it can dry in my basement hanging on the drying rack, it can dry in the shade.
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  • My line is mostly shady, but if I get a load out at the right time I can get short periods of morning sun on one side and afternoon sun on the other.  I'm thinking of putting some short lines up on two 4x4s that are randomly stuck at the end of our porch under some trees, so full shade.  It will still work to dry clothes, but you won't get maximum sun bleaching power without some direct sun.
  • My clothesline is mostly shaded, and it works fine.  It probably doesn't dry as fast as it could in the sun, and I definitely don't get the full bleaching benefit of direct sunlight, but it does work to dry the clothes just fine.
  • My clothesline is on my screened porch in the full shade.  It does not bleach diapers or stained clothes but I feel that my colors do not fade as quickly either. 

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